24 Hours: Very High Protein Experiment

Update: The original SUPER high protein experiment results were surprising. I wanted to re-run the experiment and I finally got the opportunity.  Instead of writing another post I just updated this post.

  • 100 grams of whey protein blend earlier in the day.
  • Over 200 grams of protein for dinner


Below is the whey protein blend I used in both experiments. As noted in the original post, whey protein typically spikes my blood sugars.  Even as little as 25g of protein has raised blood sugars significantly in the past.

Protein Blood Sugar Test


If you would like to compare your blood sugar response, you can order it from Amazon with this Amazon affiliate link.  Note: Please start out with a single serving and work your way up (testing blood sugar), do not start out with 100 grams of protein (about 4.3 servings).


Note:  I’ve been on a high protein, all animal-based diet for eight months. So your mileage *WILL* vary. Whenever you add new foods you need to test your blood sugar response. 


New Protein Blood Sugar Experiment

This data chart tells the tale.


At 12:39 I consumed 100 grams of protein from the whey powder.  The blood sugar decrease to 80 at 1:30, could have been due to variance of the meter and strip, but at the very least the 2:30 test confirmed there was not much of an effect.

At 4:24 I ate 209 grams of protein from two pounds of chuck roast. It was so delicious…. as fatty meats usually are.

After a little ‘bump’, my blood sugars headed south, with a possible reactive bump back up.

Once again, my body acted as it was ‘designed’ to act after ingesting protein. My body secreted insulin after a blood sugar rise and pulled in the vital nutrients into my cells.

From high to low, 79  to 99 — only a 20 point spread?? I’ll take it.  Of course these readings are only ‘snapshots’ of my blood sugars when tested. I’m sure my blood sugars rose higher than 99, but I doubt it was much higher.

My overnight fasting blood sugar the next day were 86 mg/dl.  Not too shabby after such a high protein day.

Here are the meter readings.


What does this mean? My body is apparently working as it was designed to work.

I like the results.

If you missed the original post… continue reading.


Original Post (Below)


On a day I achieved my highest ever recorded protein consumption, I threw caution to the wind. I wanted to test my body’s response to super high levels of protein. Note: Your mileage *WILL* vary.

  • Consumed 100 g of whey protein at 11 am.
  • Consumed 252 g at 6 pm for dinner with 104 grams at 10 pm (41 oz Top Round)
  • Consumed 456 g of protein for the entire day.

Why consume so much protein? I’ve been fasting to attempt to heal my body of insulin resistance, and I wanted to give my body a serious test by consuming super high levels of protein.  I consumed 8 times the protein recommendations, I think that’s a serious test. :)



That level of protein, 456 grams is 2.94 grams per lb or 6.51 per kg! Those are super high protein levels, by any measure.  It’s a stern test of my body’s ability to process protein.


Fasting Background

I intermittent fast almost every day, but until I began doing the “Snake Diet Protocols“, I’d not done any fasting since 2015. I believe fasting is beneficial for everyone, this is especially true for…

  • people with body fat or weight to lose
  • people with elevated blood sugars
  • anyone with metabolic issues or eating addictions


Fasting can help the body heal itself by engaging autophagy, a process whereby the body ‘cleans’ itself and removes damaged cells.  You can read more about it here, on Wikipedia.


Upon starting the Snake Diet on 9/10 (19 days ago), I did back to back,  to back, 48 hour fasts.  In other words, I did a 48 hour fast, ate one big meal the next day. I did that three times.

Since then I’d been intermittent fasting, pretty much like I usually do, one or maybe  two meals a day, with a reduced eating window.


100 gram Whey Protein Experiment

So yesterday, I decided to go VERY high protein to see if the fasting had made a difference.

I really didn’t expect any major metabolic improvements … not in only a few weeks.

Why 100 grams of whey? Because whey spikes my blood sugars.  25 grams will raise my blood sugars significantly, 100 grams spike me.

Here’s a post on my previous 100 gram whey protein experiment.  My blood sugars then…

6:04 — 78
6:50 — 99
7:27 — 111
7:56 — 101
8:11 — 97

In the previous experiment my blood sugars rose 33 points, I’ve had spikes that high on 25 grams of whey.  This was after eating a high protein, full-carnivore ‘diet’ for about five months.

Here’s a quote from that post.

Overall I was encouraged. It was still a 30 point spike BUT I was only over 100 for about an hour. I was HAPPY to see that.

I would have preferred to stay below 100 … but the data is what it is. :)


Super High Protein Experiment

By the way, I am still on a high protein, full-carnivore ‘diet’.  My only change has been the fasting protocols previously mentioned. So… how did I compare?  I consumed 100 grams of protein at 11:00.


11:00 —  88
12:09 — 98
1:08  —  75


Yeah, SHOCKED! … is an understatement!  My body responded just as it should to 100 g of whey protein.  A brief rise and a quick decline.  Protein consumed, insulin comes in to move the nutrients into the muscles… I loved it.

In contrast to the previous  experiment where it took two hours for my blood sugars to achieve 97 mg/dl… this time it was much quicker and much lower, in less time!


Note: I usually stop an experiment when my blood sugars go below 100 mg/dl. But I was interested to see what my blood sugars would do the rest of the day.

2:04 — 82
2:47 — 82
3:49 — 78
4:57 — 75

Crazy! I would never have believed this.  Never.

Here’s the amazing run of blood sugars …



6 PM I started slicing meat off of the Top Round roast I had been grilling. I consumed 252 more grams of protein in short order. :)

10 PM, I knew I was going to be fasting for 48 hours, so I finished off the last 104 grams of protein from 12 oz of Top Round roast. I ate approximately 41 ounces combined for dinner and pre-bedtime… snack. :)

What was the effect of 356 grams of protein?

Right before going to bed at 11:13 … 94 mg/dl.  I love it!


Super High Protein Recap

For the day I consumed 456 grams of protein, which equates to 2.94 grams per lb or 6.51 per kg.

Many ‘experts’ (and the government) claim we should eat .8 grams of protein per kg.

I exceeded the official recommendations by 800 %! 

So after consuming 8 times the amount of protein that the ‘experts’ recommend… what was my overnight fasting blood sugars this morning, after a SUPER high protein day?


89 mg/dl  — a little higher than I would prefer to be honest, but after consuming all of that protein, I’ll take it. :)

As I mentioned I’m fasting today (Friday)  until Sunday, at least 60 hours without eating.
I plan on doing another round of experiments Sunday or Monday… stay TUNED! :)


Note: I am a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic who successfully self-treats his diabetes with diet and exercise.  I have been drug and insulin FREE since 2009, and with truly normal blood sugars. :)


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