Why People Follow Failed Diabetes Advice

Why do people follow failed diabetes advice, even after years or decades of declining health? Why won’t those same people follow the example of me and many others who follow diets similar to ‘low carb paleo‘?

  • failure to question authority
  • addictions to sugar and grains
  • self-pity, wallowing in misery


For over 9 years I have dedicated a great deal of time sharing foods, workouts, activities and health information. Why? To show people that there is a ‘better way’, a better way to eat, to play and to LIVE!


Above are four blood sugar readings from the other day. FYI, I was once an obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic taking four insulin shots a day just to survive! Since 2009 I THRIVE! Drug and insulin FREE while maintaining normal weight.


This post is directed to diabetics but the advice can be applied to most if not all diseases and ailments. Most of the advice from the “Medical Industry” is a failure. Most of the advice is nothing more than a band-aid, treating the symptoms of a disease and not the disease itself.


Diabetes 101

Diabetes 101 – Diabetes is a disease of elevated blood sugars, plain and simple. There are different types of diabetes, but they all have one common denominator — elevated blood sugars or hyperglycemia.


Truth: Diabetes doesn’t cause any ailment… elevated blood sugars do.


What does this mean?

Want to stop ever-increasing diabetic complications?
Want to stop increasing the amount of drugs or insulin you take?
Want to start feeling better?
Want to start healing your body instead of harming it?



  • Stop listening to the failed diabetes advice from the medical industry
  • Start obtaining truly normal blood sugars, by following my meal plan!  If you aren’t sure what truly normal blood sugars are… read this post, “My Blood Sugar Targets“.

Why People Follow Failed Diabetes Advice?

  • Question authority – People blindly follow advice from ‘authority’. Before you can begin to learn a better way to treat your disease or ailment, you must first unlearn what you have learned. You must first learn to QUESTION EVERY THING… especially if someone profits from the advice.


Trust me, your Medical Industry professional (doctor, nutritionist, CDE), Big Food and Big Pharma ALL profit from the advice they sell you. The Medical Industry profits when they sell you the advice… and when it doesn’t work or makes your condition worse, they profit from repeat business.


  • Break the Addictions to sugar, starches and grains.  Sugar, starches and grains are addictive. You must first break the addiction to these foods if you want to successfully self-treat diabetes. Our bodies do not require dietary sugar, starches, or grains… and they all spike blood sugars.  Therefore if you eat them, you are needlessly spiking blood sugars.


Breaking the addictions is even more difficult when the ‘authorities’ are claiming you need  all three to survive. This works both ways. People will believe the Medical Industry not only because of their perceived ‘authority’, but also so they can continue to eat those foods that feed their addictions and ‘give them comfort’.


  • Wallow in self-pity or misery – this is a big problem people don’t like to talk about. 

People love to feel sorry for themselves. “Woe is me”. “Feel sorry for me. Have pity, I suffer because I have diabetes.”.They will post on Facebook how pitiful they are, with all of their diabetic  complications… asking for people to pray for them. Pffft!  Many of these people do not want help… they want attention, they want pity.


Wallowing in misery!  … it’s true.  I see it and hear it ALL THE TIME!  People love to tell others how bad they feel, their latest ailments, their latest pains… and even amputations! As if it’s some badge of honor. It is NOT! It’s a badge of failure, of giving up.


There is a better way!  A better way to eat,  to play and to live!

Rekindle your zest for life… rekindle your zest for LIVING!


When I try to help people exhibiting the above behavior, I usually say something like this,

“I am a formerly obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic. I found a better way to self-treat diabetes and it starts by following a low-carb paleo style diet.”

Common responses are…

  1. Oh, I can’t give up _____  (bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, cereals, rice, potatoes or sweet tea)
  2. My doctor told me I need to eat from all the food groups in moderation.
  3. My doctor said I shouldn’t let my blood sugar go below 100 mg/dl (@ 5.5 mmol/l)
  4. My doctor said my last A1C was good, it was 6.5.


The above statements are made by people who will not question authority, or revel in the attention of self-pity, or those that wallow in misery.  DO NOT BE LIKE THOSE PEOPLE!

I urge… I beg you to take the advice I provide, follow a low carb paleo diet and obtain truly normal blood sugars.

Share this post with anyone you believe could benefit.


Special thanks to Marla Orlowski for providing the idea for this post. :)


In the next post, I’ll answer the question, “Why does the medical industry continue to provide harmful advice?”.


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