Diabetes and the Scientific Method

To truly win the war with diabetes you must become a scientist. No formal training is required … anyone can do it. You only need to follow the scientific method, which ANYONE can do.  No worries, I’ll show you!

In this post:

  • The Scientific Method explained and how anyone can do it
  • What is a Scientist and how you can be a diabetes scientist.

For me, a diabetes diagnosis nine years ago began a period of self-experimentation that lead me to find a ‘better way’ to treat diabetes. Literally anyone can do it… you can do it! DO IT!

To be a successful diabetic scientist, you do NOT need a lab or expensive lab equipment. In this post I’ll share how you can use the Scientific Method to help you treat diabetes. I know YOU can do it! I did IT! 

According to the Science Council, a scientist is…

“someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, making a hypothesis and testing it, to gain and share understanding and knowledge”.

Every diabetic on the planet should adhere to the definition of a scientist above, in some form. 

It can be very simple, if money or time is an issue. Relax, I’ll show you how!

Scientific Method & Diabetes

Scientific Method

David Wyant shared the video below featuring renowned physicist Richard Feynman on the “Scientific Method”. Take literally one minute to watch the video below… it could just change your life.

According to Dr. Feynman, the scientific method is comprised of these steps.

  1. Guess
  2. Compute the consequences of the guess – run an experiment.
  3. Compare the results to nature, an experiment, or experience. 

    * If the consequences of the guess do not agree with nature… it’s wrong. 

I have so much love for this video. Why? 

1. Dr. Feynman, a brilliant physicist states in simple and plain language what we all need know…. how to utilize the scientific method.

2.  I love the phrase, ‘compare the results to nature” —- so very true!

Why Be A Diabetes Scientist?

I know many of you are asking this or similar questions like this one, ‘What does the scientific method have to do with diabetes”? 

Answer:  You must learn to question the advice of the Medical Industry. You must learn to think for yourself! This includes experimenting … and I’ll show you how to perform a very simple test… anyone can do. 

Failing to become a diabetes scientist (and blindly following the Medical Industry advice) will almost insure that you have years or decades of declining health, with ever-increasing diabetic complications, ever-increasing drug costs, and requiring ever-increasing Medical Industry services. 

In other words, if you ‘just’ follow the advice of the Medical Industry, you will not benefit personally…  only Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry will benefit. 

Applying the Scientific Method

Diabetes is elevated blood sugars or hypoglycemia, my fasting target is 60-90 mg/dl. Let’s assume your fasting numbers are elevated and you want to reduce and normalize blood sugars.

Since we all know that carbohydrates raise blood sugars, let’s make a guess.

Guess: If I only eat truly low carb foods my blood sugars will go down. 

Compute the consequences of the guess experiment: You could simply follow my low carb meal plan for 7 days. Test and record your fasting overnight blood sugars each morning for those seven days.

Compare the results:  Did your blood sugars trend downward?

Regardess of the outcome… Congratulations!!! If you followed this simple example, you are now a diabetes scientist! WooT!  

What next?  That’s up to you… but I have been following the meal plan with minor variations since 2009 … and I THRIVE!  I’d suggest you stick with it for at least 90 days. In 90 days you should have broken the chains of addiction to sugar, starches and grains. 


  • If you are on diabetes drugs and/or insulin you may need to adjust doses as blood sugar levels drop.

  • Vast majority of people will see a decline in fasting blood sugars in this experiment. However, some may not. Why? Carbohydrates are a major driver of blood sugars but not the only factor. Stress, drug interactions, infections, etc can all have an affect.

    If you did NOT see a drop, you need this EVEN more.  Stay with it!

To this day, after almost 10 years of ‘thriving with diabetes’,   I continue to ‘experiment’ with diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I’ll be posting more of my experiments in the coming weeks. 

Plan of Action

To successfully treat diabetes you must be a ‘diabetes scientist’. You must test and experiment for yourself. Do not blindly put your faith in the advice of anyone… including me. 

To be a diabetes scientist you must gather information. There are many avenues and many levels of complexity to accomplish the gathering of information.

Simplest Option: Follow my low-carb meal plan for at least 30 days and watch your blood sugars improve. 

Watch your energy level, mood, and health improve!

Once you obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars (and break the food addictions), feel free to add back foods to see how they affect your blood sugars. 

Just be careful, adding back foods can be a slippery slope. 

I have tested or experimented with various foods and macronutrient ratios (high carb, low carb, low fat, high fat, low protein, high protein). I have tried almost every conceivable ‘diet’, except for veganism. I know how different foods affect my blood sugars.

You can do all of that TOO! … or you can simply follow my meal plan and test it for yourself. 

You will need a trusted blood sugar meter (blood glucose meter or glucometer). Here’s a post I wrote about a study showing the most reliable meters.

Become A Diabetes Scientist

I hope I made the case why you should be a diabetes scientist… your life depends on it. 

It really can be as simple as trying my ‘tried and true’ meal plan… and comparing the results with your recent blood sugars.  

Become a diabetes scientist!!! … I did and I am NEVER going back to the way I used to eat, play and live! 

I’m never going back to relying blindly on the Medical Industry. 

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