Off Grid?

I am ending my journal entries for awhile. I know… this is not FRONT PAGE news but I wanted to let everyone know who may care so they can check out the summary. (below)

FYI – I changed my mind…. several people found this valuable so I will continue. Thanks for the feedback. :)

When I started the food dairy in March ’10, I never intended for it to become a permanent fixture … a requirement.  In fact, I have attempted to quit a couple of times…but failed…. mainly because I would always think of another experiment with the nutrient ratios.  When I say “nutrient ratios”, I’m talking about the “BIG 3” fat, protein and carbs.

I am at the point now where I believe I have experimented with all the major ratio changes. As far as the carbs or carbohydrates are concerned, I have done Low Carb (LC) sub-50g, Very Low Carb (VLC) sub 30g and even Zero Carb (ZC) which means -0- carbs from plant sources. Obviously these are my definitions of the carb level but I have not seen a “standard” that is universally used.  If you ask the American Diabetes Association, their meal plan is “low carb”... yeah…right and I’m Lebron James.  :)

The point to all this?  I am going “Off Grid” and will continue to eat a VLC Primal meal plan … so essentially this is a new experiment.  To see if I can eat VLC and maintain very normal Blood Sugar levels without counting, weighing and measuring all my foods….simply eating VLC Primal.  I will still “approximate” my carbs daily… but no more weighing, counting and reporting. It is taking time…time that I do not have to spend.

So… below are the nutrient summaries and you can always find them here.

The most important numbers?

Carbs =  sub 13g per day for almost two months.

Protein = 212g daily for almost two months

Fat = averaging over 160 g daily…. including 65g of saturated fat.

* this goes against the American Diabetes Association Diet and what they stand for… and yet I workout strenuously almost everyday  and somehow have the mental capacity to form words, sentences and paragraphs!!! :))  Oh…I have Type 2 Diabetes and I have normal blood sugar.  I am drug and insulin FREE!!! :)

** I urge you all to check out Low Carb Primal living… here are links to my meal plan and the exercises that I routinely use.