My Canine Companion is Sick 18

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This post will be used to accumulate my notes for Max’s treatment (near the end of the post)  so it will be updated as new info is found.

I didn’t take diabetes “laying down” … so don’t think that I am going to take Max’s illness laying down either.

Having said that… I am fully aware that my efforts may be fruitless. However, I know from personal experience… HOPE and ACTION are the best medications you can have.


1) Enlarged Heart, 13 x 17 cm. A formula was used to properly evaluate his condition which involves counting vertebrae gave Max a number of “13”.  A dog with a normal sized heart should be about an 11. So he does indeed have an enlarged heart.

2) Fluid in his chest cavity, around his heart.

3) Arrhythmia – an irregular heart beat. Every 3rd heart beat was irregular.

The picture to the right was taken a few days earlier, he was not feeling his best but with the sun shining through the trees… I just had to take the picture.

Max spread light and sunshine everywhere he went. Everyone that meets Max… loves Max.

Prognosis :

Under favorable conditions, if the drugs do help Max’s condition (slows his heart down and relieves the fluid) I was told that Max could live for months.

If the drugs do not positively affect his condition, Max could only have weeks to live.

The doctor told me that, given his recent decline in health… his life expectancy may be more towards the shorter end of the timeframe.

* Note:  I highly recommend both of the DVMs (Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine) … they were both professional, knowledgeable and caring.

Can You Help?

If you have any information, links, tips … any information at all that may help me help Max… I would SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT.

* If you have information on treatments or patient care, please leave as a comment or email me  [email protected] , thank you.

** I will of course pass the information on anonymously if you prefer but your feedback could possibly help others in the future.


– Ok, to walk Max for short periods but he should not run for long periods of time.  Let him do as much as he feels like doing.

– Try to keep him calm and comfortable.

– Food – given his situation, often times ‘bland’ foods are tolerated better. Suggested baby food.  Both of the DVMs were fully “on board” with a primal meal plan for Canines BTW.


DVMs Prescribed two drugs:

Mexiletine 250 mg – 3 times per day.  (check out this link to Mexiletine… scary stuff coming from NIH) This drug’s purpose is to correct the irregular/abnormal heart beat.

Furosamide 20 mg – diuretic , to remove fluid from his chest.

Alternative Treatments?

*** In this section I will post comment/suggestions for alternative or additional treatments.

1) Arrhythmia

– Arrhythmia & Magnesium ~ “The Heart Scan Blog”

2) Enlarged Heart

3) Fluid Around Heart/In the chest.

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