In this post “My Canine Companion is Sick” I talk about Max’s illness. I am writing a daily blog post that is a diary of Max’s experiences through my eyes. You can read them by clicking here. (In case you can’t tell… Max, my canine companion is kind of important […]

Max’s Experiment – Lessons to Learn??

This post will be used to accumulate my notes for Max’s treatment (near the end of the post)  so it will be updated as new info is found. I didn’t take diabetes “laying down” … so don’t think that I am going to take Max’s illness laying down either. Having […]

My Canine Companion is Sick

This post will discuss my canine companion’s journey toward Primal Living. :) I’ve been “low carb primal” now for about 17 months…and I love it.  For those not aware, its’ a higher protein, high fat and low carbohydrate meal plan.  (It’s more than a meal plan but I won’t go […]

Primal MAX!

Some of you who read my blog …. “get it”. You understand what primal living is all about, you are “mostly primal”  and you LOVE IT! Most of you who read are curious about primal living…  You see the success stories (click here) but for many reasons you do NOT […]

She Does Not Get It … :(