Diabetic my BUTT!

Successfully managing diabetes by maintaining normal blood sugars for non-diabetics takes dedication and mental toughness. Despite the title of this post, I am not going to claim that I’ve cured  my diabetes.

  • successfully managing diabetes <drum roll>… is successfully managing diabetes.
  • Type 2’s are still insulin resistant (as are many Type 1’s)


Do not worry, if I ever do ‘cure’ my diabetes …  you will know about it.  If I ever read about a ‘true’ cure for diabetes, I will shout the news from the mountain tops and try it out myself. Below is an overnight fasting blood sugar reading.


successfully managing diabetes


Hey, successfully managing diabetes is a beautiful thing! We are managing our insulin resistance and/or reduced pancreatic function with a low carb paleo approach. It is a beautiful thing!


Successfully Managing Diabetes 

There are some who say that I and others who self treat with normal blood sugar have cured our diabetes. I disagree. I am still insulin resistant … I just eat a carbohydrate restricted meal plan which allows me to maintain normal blood sugars and erases the symptoms of high blood sugar.

Another reason we should not ‘claim to have the cure for type 2 diabetes’? We should be VERY careful in how we portray the results of following a paleo lifestyle.  There are too many scammers out there already claiming to have found a cure.  Sadly, many of them are ‘low carb experts’.

Diabetes Cure?

A couple of times I thought that perhaps I had ‘cured myself”.

The first, a couple of months after I was diagnosed with diabetes, after I had weaned off drugs and insulin, I had repeatedly tested by blood sugar…. and all were in normal ranges.

My doctor made a comments saying that I was no longer a diabetic and I began wondering,


‘maybe I’m healed! Maybe I am no longer a diabetic!’


So to test to see if I’d been healed, I proceeded to eat three hamburgers, with whole grain buns and baked french fries, the frozen variety.  …. uh … THERE WAS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, I was still diabetic.  My blood sugar tested approximately 332 one hour post.  At this time I was not recording everything like I do these days, it was before being ‘full paleo’ and before blogging.

After I’d been primal for a couple of months and my blood sugars were consistently in the NORMAL range for non-diabetics, once again I began to wonder… COULD I BE HEALED!?!

Once again I devised a test…  and once again I was still diabetic.


Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests

Note:  Since this post I performed home Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (OGTT) to see if by a known medical standard, I was cured.  I was not, I was till insulin resistant.


Blood Sugar Test with Non-Diabetic

All of my previous tests were all within the first 9 months of my diabetes diagnosis, I recently celebrated my second year of being a Drug and Insulin Free Diabetic…. 3/27/2011.

I don’t need to do any ‘tests’ to know that I am still diabetic.  While I eat very low carb compared to the typical person, if my carb count approaches 50g per day … my blood sugar begins to creep up as well.

My wife has been trying to go ‘low carb paleo’ … but hasn’t found the commitment level yet to go all the way. She eats ‘mostly’ primal.  She’s never been overweight or obese.

This morning I asked her if she would allow me to test her blood sugar, she agreed.  The 81 above was my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar… so what was my non-diabetic wife’s Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar???

Yep… a 94.   On this day, at this time… I beat her on Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar test.


I was proud and sad at the same time.

I wanted to scream ARGH!!



Diabetic blood sugars???  My butt!  :)

I do not have diabetic blood sugar levels.

I am still diabetic, still insulin resistant.  I still have difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates … I just successfully manage my disease with proper diet and exercise.

The day a diabetic ‘whips’ you in an Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar test… should give you pause.

Lastly… before I go… here is a video of me testing my blood sugar.  I did this so you would know I am testing my blood sugar, who else’s can I use though… my wife’s is too high for me to use. :(


Trouble with video? Check it here


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

managing diabetes


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  1. I think of it this way, as long as I continue to eat the lowcarb way I keep my diabetes in remission. Knowing that if I go back to the SAD way of eating my blood sugar readings will go right back though the roof. I pushed it away, by blood test it’s not there but it’s always lurking in the background just waiting rear it’s ugly head.

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