Best & Worst Diets… Diabetes, ARGH!

US News and World Report recently published an article titled, “Best and Worst Diets”.

Normally I would not even bother with reading an article from this ‘news rag’ …. and especially an article with the title concerning diets.  But… I’ve set up Google News “Alerts” to send emails anytime ‘diabetes’ news articles are published.

Since this article concerned diabetes I decided to read it … that was my first mistake. :)

Just reading this article caused my blood pressure to rise.  I’m going to talk about the selection for best diabetes diet … but the report covered weight loss, overall health and heart health.

Warning: BS Alert.


This article was written after the “US News” news team spent 6 months…

“… researching the diets, mining medical journals, government reports, and other sources. An in-depth profile was then drawn up for every diet that explains how it works, whether its claims add up or fall short, and what risks it might pose, along with insights into living on the diet, not just reading about it.”

Wow! … I feel so much  better now, for a minute I thought this might be just a gimmick to sell magazines.  But have no fear … it gets EVEN better.

A carefully selected panel of 22 recognized experts in diet and nutrition and specialists in diabetes and heart disease reviewed our profiles.

Wow… 22 experts!  Looking at the list, each has a PhD, MD or RD after their names… this is SURELY an elite TEAM!!!

Every diet got robust scrutiny—the smallest number of experts rating any diet was 19. We converted the experts’ scores to star ratings and constructed five sets of Best Diets rankings:

NICE!! … diets being studied for 6 months… by a real ‘news team’! and with using real EXPERTS!!! … with many letters of the alphabets behind their names!!! …. and during the research, they really scrutinized the diets… certainly there will be no SHODDY journalism here!

BTW, if you are new to this blog check out this page for my background, but I’ll just say that I had many health problems including obesity, diabetes and chronic respiratory issues…  all symptoms have vanished and I follow a low carb, paleo style meal plan. I normally eat in the range of 2-3% of calories from carbs.

Having said that … let’s see what the ‘experts’ say.   Wait! … before I continue, you should know that most ‘experts’ support a low fat, high carb meal plan … even Joslins the self proclaimed, “Preeminent Diabetes Center in the world” promotes 40% of calories from carbohydrates, the question is would this crack team of journalists and experts ‘toe the line’?

This is where my Blood Pressure REALLY began to climb…..

major BS Alert…. you’ve been warned.


Best Diet – for diabetes?

Winner!!!… The Dash Diet…  are you kidding me??? I knew a little about the “Dash Diet” … it follows the same tired, failed low fat, high carb meal plan …

Below is a ‘snippet’ from the article regarding the Dash Diet.

……… are YOU KIDDING ME???

The Dash Diet might as well be called the “American Diabetes Association Diet” or the FDA Diet … it toes the line on low fats, low protein and …. high carbohydrates. This means it is a high carb meal plan that will keep YOU on ever increasing drugs.   Diabetic or not.   Here is the articles review of the diet.. see for yourself, click here.

The ‘indepth’ research yielded a ‘few studies’ … but more importantly the ADA’s touting of the diet seemed to be very weighty in their decision… UGH!


Paleo Diet

Next, guess which diet came in LAST PLACE for diabetes????

The paleo diet!!!!  ARGH!!!!!!

BTW, A paleo style diet (I use a low carb version) is the diet that I credit for my diabetes management (normal blood sugar, -0- drugs, -0- insulin)  and over all HEALTH (no sickness in 2+ yrs).

So… what did this crack team of journalist and experts think of the Paleo Diet for diabetes????

I wish I was kidding…. but alas … I am not.

There have been MANY studies showing the benefits of a low carb paleo meal plan in general, relating to the heart and especially for diabetes benefits.

If I can find them… don’t see why the crack team of experts and journalists can’t find them.

Additionally, here is a listing of posts regarding personal testimonies regarding the benefits of a paleo style meal plan… I know these people.

Here is a link to the article’s Paleo Diet Review… I would not advise it … but go ahead if you wish. :(

One last quote from their paleo diet review page…
Question: Will you lose weight [on a paleo meal plan]?
Answer: “No way to tell.”


*** MAKE NO MISTAKE … the low carb paleo meal plan is THE BEST for diabetics (no doubt) … and the best for all in my honest opinion.



Obviously someone … let me start over…

OBVIOUSLY many people involved with this story have an agenda … and that agenda is NOT helping people…it’s NOT helping diabetics.


I urge you to follow a low carb paleo meal plan … it will definitely add life to your living … it did mine.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet,not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)