Date with the Devil

Why a new experiment? To gain knowledge of course!

My high carb experiment was only 24 hours, from Noon to noon, 12/5 and 12/6/2011 but that was long enough. The devil being … carbohydrates. :)


Foods eaten during the experiment Apples, White Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, rice, -0- fat greek yogurt and 2% milk… and a roast not shown.


1) I am a Type 2 Diabetic who successfully self treats my disease with diet and exercise. I maintain normal blood sugar and I do it without drugs or insulin!

I promote and adhere to a meal plan containing less than 30g of total carbs per day the vast majority of the time. Over time I have gravitated to lower and lower carb consumption with a ‘typical’ day being 20g of total carbs.

2) I have been eating the meal plan mentioned above for almost 2 1/2 years, I am not tempted by high carb, sugary foods.

I would urge you not to attempt this but if you do… do so only after you have… 

a) Broken your carb addiction… firmly. (Eating sub 30g daily for several months)

b) Obtained and maintain normal blood sugars at least for several months.

c) If Type 2 diabetic, have weaned off drugs and insulin for at least several months.

3) While I did go ‘high carb’ … I did not eat any glutenous grains or cereals… nor foods with ‘sugar added’.

Just rice, apples, bananas, white and sweet potato and roast.



Why go High Carb?

1) In the deep recesses of my brain … I wonder if I am still a diabetic.   

Day in day out my blood sugar is always in the range of non-diabetics. I know it’s because of my diet and exercise…  but I do wonder at times, just how much I am still ‘insulin resistant’.

People ask me if I have ever ‘tested’ to see if I was still insulin resistant and I always say….. ‘no’.  I know I am still insulin resistant to some degree but am I still considered a ‘diabetic’?

So why go high carb? To test to see if I am still insulin resistant.


2) To prove that I am diabetic.  The opposite of #1 … I can’t lose on this deal. :)

There are a few petty, jealous, mean-spirited people who have the nerve to claim that I am not diabetic and never was.  They say that I just had a ‘temporary’ pancreas failure… or that I carbed up so much I had temporarily high blood sugar.

FYI, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance from the doctor’s office with an A1c that was too high to read and blood sugar 700+ mg/dl (740 as I recall) … after four days in the hospital I exited taking 4 drugs and 4 insulin shots per day.  I did that for a month …

… well it’s December 2011. In two months it will be three years ago… so let’s see what highER carbohydrates do for me now!

3) If my blood sugars elevate … and stay elevated, I can show people what I do to reduce them naturally… no drugs, no insulin.


The Plan


We decided to eat gluten free, ‘no sugar added’ foods.   No pasta, no wheat, no cereals etc…  I did want to eat rice for the starch to see it’s affect on my blood sugar…that’s the only ‘grain’ that was eaten.

Day 1  – Click here for my foods on


We had planned to start in the morning but we decided to wait and fast until lunch time. 

Pre-lunch Blood Sugar  = 90

Lunch – Two cups of yogurt and an apple. =  44 grams of carbs

Note: This is the MOST carbs in a single meal EVER since going ‘low carb primal’…. up to this point.

1 hr post meal = 126 mg/dl

2hrs post meal =  109 mg/dl 

** I was encouraged!  Well below ‘diabetic ranges’ and on 44 grams of carbs… in a SINGLE MEAL!!!

That was a good test… but what came next shocked me.

My Exercise  –

Not long after reading the 109 mg/dl, I started my workout, P90X Plyometrics.

If you push yourself, it’s as tough a workout as there is… and I pushed myself. :)

I’ve done this workout many times before and I’ve had post workout Blood Sugar readings anywhere from 80’s to 130’s. I was very nervous about reading after this workout because of the high carb meal just a couple of hours earlier. Intense exercise typically does raise blood sugar, see “Primal X and Diabetes“.

One Hour Post Intense Exercise Blood Sugar = 87mg/dl

Wow was I relieved!!

60 minutes of Intense eXercise and I read an 87!! …after eating 44 grams of carbs earlier in the day. I was STOKED!!

*Note:  It’s should be noted here, when you eat a Very Low Carb meal plan and your body becomes accustomed to burning fat/ketones for fuel.  When you do eat carbohydrates, you are ‘hyper sensitive’ to carbohydrates.  Some erroneously believe this is an increase in insulin sensitivity, but it is not.

Point being… if I’m getting these results now, how much better would the numbers be once my body adjusted to the carbohydrates?


Dinner – Round roast, rice and white potatoes… a lot of all three.  Carb Total = @ 145 grams!!!

That’s right… I had 145 grams of carbs in a single meal… With rice and especially potatoes… it was EASY! 

1 hour post meal blood sugar = 129 mg/dl … are you kidding me? 

Stuffing myself with 145 grams of carbs in one meal and one hour later I was only at 129 mg/dl.


2 hour post meal blood sugar = 146 mg/dl

After this reading … my elation disappeared.  I am assuming the fat in the beef caused a delay in my blood sugar spikes.

Here are pictures of 145 grams of carbs… :)



3 hour post meal blood sugar = 126 mg/dl

My blood sugar was still elevated 3 hours post… but I did eat 145 grams of carbs.


Day 1, Wrap Up

This post is getting long so I am going to wrap this up.

Tomorrow we will look at the food journals for each day as well as the results for day 2. :)


Here are the additional posts, Day 1, Day 2 and Follow Up.


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