1058 Push Ups

I did 1,058 push ups Saturday morning, with a partner, Arya. I didn’t time myself, I still have a shoulder that’s not 100%, I didn’t want to overextend myself trying to do 1,000 plus push ups… for time. I can hear people saying, “right… doing 1058 push ups is not overextending, but doing it for time is.”  :)

  • why I attempted this challenge
  • what this could mean to you


Going back and reviewing pictures I took just prior and just after, it took me about 2 1/2 hours. I did this workout outside with a canine companion accompanying me.

Location of the push ups.... and my partner. :)
1058 push ups… right HERE!


I would do 100-200 in a ‘set’ and then take a break, walking the dog for a few minutes. While this workout was strenuous, it was not an overly intense one.  I started out doing 20 at a time and by the end… only 7-15 depending on the amount of rest in between.


Why Challenge Myself

Achieving this goal … pretty much sums up who I am.  I am certainly not the strongest guy around, far from it.  But when I set a goal… I do not QUIT!  Check out this post, “Do NOT Quit”.


Why I Did 1058 Push Ups

I love challenges!!!  I love to push my body… and my mind. :)

I posted this the other day on Facebook. I did it about two years ago and had to do 600+ push ups…  this week I had to do 1040! I did 1,058 because I wanted to. :)



Let me tell you why it’s a big deal … to me.

Some of you reading this may be thinking … ‘no big deal’ and in a lot of ways they are correct.  I’m sure there are MANY men and women on the planet who could do more push ups in 2.5 hours, or do 1058 push ups in less than 2.5 hours.


1)  In September 2013 about 10 months ago I dislocated my shoulder… and it’s still dislocated.    At one point during my rehab (self rehab), I didn’t know if I would EVER be able to do push ups again… let alone 1058.  Just two days ago i did 640 push ups … doing almost 1700 push ups in three days is a ‘big deal’ … to me. :)

2) I’m 53 … I’m sure there are 53 year old people who could do more in less time… but I bet there are a lot more who could not. :)

3) I am a formerly obese diabetic, who was drug and insulin dependent. I’m now normal weight and I have normal blood sugars… drug and insulin free.  Now that… probably whittled down the number of people who can ‘do what I do’ significantly. Most diabetics eat a high carb, grain based meal plan as promoted by the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. I have normal blood sugars for non-diabetics while 90% of diabetics fail,  I doubt that many Wilfred Brimleys or Paula Deans could match me. :)

4) When I started at 9:30 am and finished up around noon… I was in a ‘fasted’ state.  In other words, I had not eaten since the day  before, about 18 hours.  More and more people are learning the benefits of ‘intermittent fasting’, still most people still believe they need to carb up before a long, strenuous workout.

5) I performed my workout as I do most, outside,  barefoot, and shirtless.  This doesn’t add anything to the difficulty of the workout, but I do not recall seeing many performing a strenuous workout barefoot and shirtless.

Given all the reasons above,  the workout is a ‘big deal’ to me… but why should it be a big deal to you?


Why this Could be a Big Deal to You

1) If you or someone you care about is a diabetic or has other serious illnesses…  you should try eating, playing and living… like I do!  I successfully self treat not only my diabetes but many other ailments  including episodic asthma, plantar faciitis, chronic respiratory issues etc.

2) If you (or someone you care about) are taking a drug and it doesn’t matter if it’s over the counter or prescription… if your eating and lifestyle require you to take a drug,  you should try eating, playing and living like I do.   I was once drug and insulin dependent… and now I am drug and insulin FREE!   I firmly believe that the way I live, eat and play contribute to my overall health and fitness.

Unless you have a confirmed physiological issue that prevents you … practically everyone who is reading this post could achieve EVERYTHING that I have achieved.

You simply need to do what I did… start.


Blood Sugar and this Diabetes Exercise

Accomplishing my goal of doing 1040 push ups was not so much a test of strength …. but instead it was a test of will and determination.

If you are suffering from a disease or taking a drug…  I would hope that this article would inspire you to decide TODAY to take positive action!!!  Decide to eat a low carb paleo diabetes diet.

The best news of all?  … after a long and strenuous workout … this was my blood sugar readings immediately after.

20140719_120910 (1)


I’m testing the Contour blood sugar meter, my previous test was the pictured FreeStyle Lite. Here’s a post on that test and review.

Thanks AGAIN to TotalDiabetesSuppy.com for providing me with the diabetes meters and supplies to test!!!


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