Diabetes Related Memes

A picture is worth a thousand words…  I hope to make people think and to question what they have been told.

Some of the memes are more lighthearted than others and all have a somber undertone.  I’ve shared most on social media… and some that I decided not to post due to their more acidic nature.


Saturated Fats and Cholesterol

The first one is not one that I created, the rest are.  I’ll make brief comments below each… I hope you enjoy them and I hope that they cause you to pause and to ponder their meaning.



This first meme needs no explanation.  According to the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators, it’s okay for a diabetic to load up on high carb foods like cereal and drink a blood sugar raising drink… but endocrinologist, doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators wrongly vilify a highly nutritious food like eggs.

Eggs are not only nutritious…they are also truly ‘low glycemic’ … in other words they have little effect on blood sugars.  If you ‘still’ believe dietary fats and cholesterol are harmful … read this with all the links.  Click Here


Samuel L.!!! … knows the deal. :)  Saturated fats do not clog your arteries… and dietary cholesterol is very healthy.

Just make sure you are eating real fats… like those fats from animals and coconut oil.  Do not eat margarine, hydrogenated ‘corn or vegetable oils’.





I have been grain free since August 1, 2009.  There is absolutely NO need to eat grains… period.

We don’t need them for carbohydrates —- I eat between 10-15 g of total carbs most days)

We don’t need them for fiber — I typically eat about 9 grams of water soluble fiber per day (or less). All the fiber I eat is from  leafy green vegetables and the occasional nuts or berries.

Doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators are just plain IGNORANT on this and many other topics…..

grain deficiency 2

There is NO such thing as a grain deficiency… repeat that over and over until you believe it.

There is NO disease that benefits from sugar and/or grains…. NONE!


This was one of my firsts… I love it!  Why?   Because a person doesn’t simply walk into a field and eat grains.

Ever tried it? … it has no taste…it’s BLEH! :)  They are almost all industrially prepared .. and come with sugar coatings or artificially / mechanically sweetened contents.

More important… they are ALL high carb , high glycemic foods. If YOU are a diabetic and you eat grains you MUST take drugs or insulin to reduce your blood sugars. If you do not, your blood sugar will rise to toxic levels.

A diabetic does not simply… eat grains.

I don’t care what your doctor/nutritionist/diabetes educator says… we do not need them and THEY JACK YOUR BLOOD SUGAR!


I created this to symbolize all the ‘experts’ in our daily lives who tell me that we need grains for fiber.

Just like your doctor, nutritionist or diabetes educator….. all your friends, co workers and managers, they all read the same failed ‘headlines’ that promote grains… in error.   THEY ARE ALL WRONG!

Sadly, all the highly paid medical industry ‘experts’ are no more knowledgeable than the guy that works in the next cubicle.  The only difference is… you don’t pay your friends and coworkers for harmful advice.

download (13)

I’ll end the grain memes with this one… I feel like this some times. I still hear from diabetics that their doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators tell them that they must eat ‘heart healthy whole grains’…. sigh.

So much pain and agony … and so much of it is needless and avoidable.

The Medical Industry

The titles of doctor, registered dietitian,  nutritionist and diabetes educators are all interchangeable.  I could also add pharmacist, endocrinologist, cardiologist etc.

Overwhelming majorities of all categories still promote a high carb, grain based meal plan… for all and for diabetics.

I call them the ‘Medical Industry’ and when I use the term Medical Industry, I’m referring to all of the above.


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Fact:  Carbohydrates cause blood sugar rises … dangerously high in many.  When you consume more than small amounts of carbohydrates the vast majority of diabetics require drugs and insulin to reduce the blood sugar levels.

When the Medical Industry promotes a high carb, grain based meal plan… they are selling drugs and insulin.  While at the same time they are selling fake foods.  And by the way … Pasta, breads, cakes, cookies and cereals… are not real foods.

Diabetes is a disease of high blood sugar. There are various causes but that is THE DISEASE.

Yes, yes I know type 1’s will always require insulin. But they will be much easier to control with lower carbohydrate consumption.  If you are a Type 1 diabetic and doubt that… then you have problems other than just Type 1 diabetes.

Denial is NOT a river in Africa….


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THE ROCK… is shocked that a diabetic doesn’t eat CUPCAKES!

I put this in this section because seemingly, one of the favorite means to raise money for the ADA is through bake sales.

Too, many in the online diabetes community love to joke about their fondness for cupcakes… while at the same time whining about their inability to control their blood sugars.

With diabetes care, you can not have your cake … and easily maintain normal blood sugars.



EVEN after I normalized my blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure.

EVEN after I improved my fitness and health markers….

Medical Industry professionals claimed… ‘oh sure it works short-term, but you can’t do it long term’.

… I wonder how many diabetics suffered pain, agony and misery … because they believed that lie?

Next week will be my 5th ‘low carb primal’ anniversary.   Five years of grain free living… and I’ve been drug and insulin free the entire 5 years.

60 grams of carbs per meal

I read on the American Diabetes Association website yesterday the same old advice… suggesting 45-60g of carbs per meal.

Keep in mind they suggest 4-6 smaller meals a day…

There have been weeks where I did not eat 60g of carbs … and I THRIVE!   Our body makes all the glucose or blood sugar it needs via gluconeogenesis.  If this is new to you, read this post, “Why Low Carb Works“.


Similar to the previous picture.  The Medical Industry loves to claim that people need to consume 120g of carbohydrates for brain function… not to mention other body functions.

This just shows their ignorance.

The body does need 120g of glucose… and it can produce that much and more through the previously mentioned process gluconeogenesis.

I KNOW there are MANY weeks that I have not consumed 120g of carbs.

Stating that we need to consume 120 grams of carbs per day … is a lie.  It’s false.  Ignorance must be  bliss for the Medical Industry when counting the money of the people who pay.


Why DOES the Medical Industry not tell the truth?

As my disclaimer at the bottom of each page asks…  Is it greed, willful ignorance or intellectual laziness?

I’m still trying to figure out the answer… maybe ‘all of the above’. :(

I don’t really care ‘why’ … I just know that it MUST END!!!  Every day it continues… literally millions suffer. :(

low carb paleo

For several years now … I keep hearing that the American Diabetes Ass. is opening up to ‘low carb’ … yet still they promote the same high carb, grain based meal plans that cause harm to the very people they should protect.. diabetics.

MILLIONS die and become skeletons in the graves … while they continue to support their largest corporate donors.

Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.


The picture below is for all those who profit while promoting a high carb, grain based meal plan … you know who you are.

A meal plan that caused pain, suffering and early death… while a relative few profit… namely Big Pharma, Big Food and the Medical Industry.  (click to enlarge).


I want to end on a positive… the picture below makes me laugh.

I have a lot of supporters on social media and readers of this blog… they believe in me and my ’cause’.

I do like to … eat, live and play in an unusal way at times.  Why?  For shock value for sure and to illustrate a point. . I want people to question all that they have been told… EVERYTHING!

If someone is profiting from the advice they provide, then the advice needs to be questioned even more.

Because I do things unusual …  I some times feel like people ‘check in’ on my social media pages just to see what crazy stuff I’m doing. :)

oh my

I hope you enjoyed this post and these memes…  as much as I did creating.

Peace, love and normal BLOOD SUGARS!


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