RISE UP!!! Indeed.

I love this meme! Read this out loud, even if you have to whisper it. “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept!”

  • Do NOT accept your current health condition.
  • Do NOT accept your current mental or physical status.
  • Do NOT accept what your medical industry professionals tell you!


Starting today, you are changing the things you cannot accept.
And today YOU are no longer accepting declining health!

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Question Everything, Every Thing

So much that we have been ‘taught’ is …  a lie. There is a long list but here are a few.

  • Diabetes is debilitating.
  • Grains are heart healthy
  • We need to eat 120g of carbs per day.
  • Saturated Fats clog your arteries.
  • 4-6 Small meals a day is better.
  • 45-60 grams of carbs is recommended, per meal.

    I mention more in this post with memes.


****  >>>>   There is probably no greater, more harmful ‘lie’ than the blood sugar targets promoted by the Medical Industry.  They promote blood sugar targets that cause cell and organ damage. I show that here, “My Blood Sugar Targets and Why” and more evidence here, “Blood Sugar and Dementia“.

I am changing the things I cannot accept.

And I cannot accept …


“Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry profiting from harmful dietary, nutritional and medical advice.’


I can not accept it, I will not accept it and I am changing it … if only one person at a time.



The  picture above has a powerful message on many levels.

On a ‘human level’, governmental policies such as the nutritional policy is heavily influenced by large corporations who profit from the policies.

On a personal level, do not accept what you have been told by your Medical Industry Professional.  They are only parroting what they have been told by those that profit from the advice. Question everything.   The sooner you do, the better off you will be.

People need to take action to inform others of these truths…

  •  We know Big Food’s ‘products’ are not ‘real food’.  And we know eating their products causes health problems. They sell these products many times as ‘Smart Choices’ or ‘Heart Healthy’ …. due to greed.
  • We know Big Pharma needs to sell more and more drugs due to greed.  We know that they will misrepresent the truth to do so. Yes, some drugs are needed but often they are not … I know. You will not ‘know’ if your drugs are needless until you try a truly low inflammatory meal plan like this one.
  • We know the Medical Industry parrots lies and deceptions… sometimes due to willful ignorance, intellectual laziness or greed.  (Read my disclaimer at the very bottom of every page)

I hope you will learn to QUESTION EVERYTHING and that you will RISE!!!  AWAKEN!!! …  stop being sheep lead around by wolves who will deceive you for profit …

Change the things you CANNOT ACCEPT!   And we should not accept being lied to about nutrition.