Weight Loss, Hypertension and Maintaining

235 b
Clinical Record 2/14/2008 — 235 lbs

It is ‘Throwback Thursday’ … I decided to write a post about obtaining and maintaining normal weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.

If you are overweight and especially if you are obese, losing weight is important for better health and fitness. Studies show that excessive body fat is in itself inflammatory, this is especially true for abdominal fat  (fat around the belly). Belly fat was where most of my fat was stored.

People often remarked that I looked 9 months pregnant… not surprising, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

The picture top right was my clinical record from February 14, 2008, it shows my highest recorded weight of 235 lbs.  It also shows my blood pressure of 150 over 88 (or 98).  This was a FULL one year prior to my diabetes diagnosis. That’s right, it was 365 days prior to being rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

Note: I believe I was higher in weight than this because I continued eating the same high carb meal plan while remaining a ‘couch potato’.

My diabetes diagnosis came on February 15, 2009.  About eight months later I posted this picture on an earlier blog, It shows my weight as approximately 157.5 lbs, this was in October 2009.  Yes, I was a lean mean 157.5 lbs about 8 months after my diabetes diagnosis. :)

157.5  10-09



The benefits of a ‘low carb paleo’ approach is NOT just weight loss… here was the blood pressure results from a post in September of 2009 (in a previous blog).

“Blood Pressure: 112 / 67 (lowest ever in the doc’s office!!!!)”

So… my weight and blood pressure decreased into normal ranges within 8 months of going ‘low carb paleo’.  Huh! :)

Note: My cholesterol improved as well but I have not had recent updates so I will not include them in this post… I am only showing you what I can prove. Just know that in August 2009 my cholesterol levels were all in normal or optimum ranges. :)


What about recently? ….  Have I been able to maintain these great numbers?

Here is my weight this very morning. :)  10/9/2014

157.2 b  10-9-14



Note: Back in June 2014 ( a few months ago) my weight 156 lbs … I talked about it in this post, “Primal Update” but my goal is to gain weight… muscle weight.   My ‘dream’ weight would be 180 lbs … of muscle. :)

Next is a recent blood pressure check… just last week.

Recent Blood Pressure Test
Recent Blood Pressure Test

As you can see… no problems with my blood pressure!! :)

Weight Normal – Check

Blood Pressure Normal – Check
I’ll throw in a couple of recent blood sugar readings for good measure.

10603151_834519626593129_351209530_n 10719144_836237283088030_1354167132_n









Obtaining and maintaining normal weight is important in my opinion.  Many diabetics report reducing drug and insulin after reducing their body weight into normal ranges.  Many Type 2’s  report weaning off drugs and insulin completely while maintaining normal blood sugars.

Backed up by not only my experience but also those of many others a ‘low carb paleo’ approach is by far the best meal plan to help you lose weight.

Fortunately for ‘us’ … a low carb paleo approach is the best way to lose weight, maintain normal blood sugars and maintain optimum blood pressure. :)

If I can do it… so can YOU!!! :)


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