Joslin End of High Carb Era

joslin3According to Joslin, the end of the high carb era for diabetics has arrived, it apparently arrived in November 2014 when it was first announced.  Read this post and see if you agree.

I’ve written two previous posts about Joslin and their employee (Hamdy) who wrote an article stating ‘The End of High Carb Era for Type 2 Diabetes”.

My first post,  “Devil In the Details“.  I’d urge you to read it if you have not.  In brief,  I mention that Joslin ‘says’ they are against high carb…that the high carb era is dead.  Never mind that Joslin still promotes a high carb, grain based diet to diabetics, harming millions.  Proof of this is in the next section of this post.

Joslin shamefully blames the government and the American Diabetes Association for promoting a high carb diet.  You would think the so called ‘Premier Diabetes Research Center’ in the world could come up with their own dietary guidelines based on science, instead of pointing fingers.  Expect more of this finger-pointing as grain pimps like the ADA and Joslins come to terms with the fact they have been harming millions …

My second post, “Because Joslin Says So“.  To sum up this post I talk about the facts. Facts can be so minor and unimportant if you have an agenda to promote…

Joslin only stated that 40% of calories from carbohydrates or more was wrong… Joslin still promotes a high carb grain based diet itself at 30% and more.  (see proof below)

Also, I discovered that the actual paper that started all of this was written and published in the fall edition and published in November of 2014.  So months after Joslin declared the ‘High Carb Era Dead’ … look at the foods their very own blog promotes in 2015.


Evidence of High Carb


HIGH CARB LIVES! … and all of those that claim otherwise are blind… or have agendas other than the truth.


Maintain Your Health – Feb 2015

In this article from Joslin’s blog they suggest these tips for maintaining health …

“Remove visible fat from meats and choosing lower fat cuts of meat, such as tenderloin,”

Removing real fats and eat lean meats… ugh.  By the way, I promote a high fat, very low carb meal plan. If you still believe real animal fats or coconut oil is unhealthy, please read this post. “Cholesterol and Fat are good“.

Another tip is to opt for whole grain brown rice instead of sticky rice.

Promoting brown rice over ‘sticky rice’ is as ridiculous as promoting whole grain bread over white bread.  Diabetics should not be EATING GRAINS… period!

Rice is a grain … an extremely high carb, high starch grain that spikes blood sugars horribly.  The advice is … ridiculously ignorant.   They go on to add… use smaller plates! Oh my god! Portion control!! ….. so wrong.

Oh… but this is my favorite…

As you eat, remember to eat slowly and stop after every few bites to enjoy the company around you.

To summarize this article, eat brown rice, low-fat meat on small plates and chew slowly.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This was not an ancient article from 1990 … although it could be, it was published in 2015.


Among his recommendations?

Dr. Ganda, who also works for Joslin authored this post on, (a conventional wisdom site)  “Have Diabetes. Protect Your Heart“.

” To protect your heart, try aiming for an A1C reading of less than 7 percent”

That is a major #FAIL.  Blood sugar levels that high are toxic to every cell in the body.  It’s a disgrace for anyone to promote such high blood sugar levels.  This man is an idiot or a charlatan… I’m guessing charlatan.

At Joslin, we recommend eating fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to help you achieve this goal.

The WORST thing a diabetic can do for their heart is to have elevated blood sugars… THE MOST protective thing a diabetic can do is to maintain TRULY normal blood sugars… and the  Joslin doc promotes elevated blood sugars and eating high carb foods like fruits and grains.

This article was also published in 2015…. not 2013.

UGH!!! … and ‘low carb experts’ run around claiming ‘High Carb Era is OVER” …


70% Carbohydrates?

Dr. King, one of the three top researchers for Joslin and one of the top receivers of money from Big Pharma, conducted a ridiculous study that proved…   70% of calories from carbohydrates beats a  Western style diet with 50% of calories from carbohydrates.

Really? … high carb is dead but Joslin proves that 70% carbohydrates beats a 50% carbohydrate western style diet.   So high carb is dead? … Really?


In Summary

Does eating rice, whole grains, fruits and low fat foods… seem like low carb to you?  Or even moderate carb? … not to me.

Certainly 70% is high carb… no one would deny.

Joslins along with American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators are causing so much pain and suffering for diabetics by promoting a high carb, grain based meal plan.

That’s why it was a shock to me when some “low carb experts” applauded a paper by a Joslin researcher declaring the End of the High Carb Era for Diabetics. Think about  groups or people who have caused a lot of pain and suffering throughout history … and then think of applauding them for saying they are going to stop causing pain and suffering.

Those who applaud Joslin are misguided… very much so.  And those same people are rewarding deceitful, harmful behavior. We should be keeping the pressure on them to do the right thing… not applaud them.

I was perplexed as to why people ‘reward the enemy’ … until I saw slides from the low carb convention,  ‘Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town 2015” in South Africa.  I saw slides highlighting Joslin’s declaration that the High Carb era ended. While I do not know this for a fact but I bet people were slapping each other on the back for a job well done.

Claiming victory … meanwhile MILLIONS of diabetics suffer …thanks in part to Joslin.