Wild Grape Leaf Chips

You think baked kale chips are crunchy paleo?   Try baked WILD foraged grape leafs… now that is PALEO!  :)

Of course if you have a grape vine (cultivated) these will work just fine as well. I just like saying WILD FORAGED foods. :)  Like most of the foods I make,  it is so simple!!!

May in North Carolina brings an abundance of wild grape leafs, just right for foraging.  The newly sprouted leafs are growing to about palm-size … just right for ‘stuffed’ grape leaf foods and for baked chips.


Nutritional Info for Grape Leafs

Before we begin let’s look at the nutrition of raw grape leafs.  Grape leafs are nutritious raw, they are a little bitter and are better cooked.  My preference is frying them in animal fats … like BACON!

As you can see below a strong Vitamin A and K value per raw cup.   One pan of chips is about 1/2 a cup.

Nutritional information from NutritionData.com

grape leafs


What You Will Need

Grape Leafs – Enough to cover baking pan(s).  I suggest getting enough to cover at least two pans fully. The number will vary according to the size of the leafs.  For me, one pan is about a 1/2 cup of leafs.

Note: This recipe also works with kale, chard, wild curly dock, etc.

Oil/Fat of Choice – I prefer coconut oil due to the higher smoke point.  A heaping table spoon is plenty for a cup of leafs.  Any unused can be used as a skin moisturizer… :)

Spices –  Sea salt is typically the only spice I use but any of your favorite spices should be fine.



1) Pick or purchase desired leafs, rinse and dry.

Note: My baking sheet full of leafs was about 1/2 cup.

Note: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.




2) Coat leafs with oil/fat of choice.  Today mine was coconut oil.

I coat the leafs by ‘painting’ them with fingers.  A basting brush would work as well.  Remember, residual coconut oil on your fingers make a good skin moisturizer. :)

Some people place the leafs in a bowl and pour the oil over them and toss until well coated.

As I coated each leaf I placed on the pan with no overlap.  I threw a few unripened grapes on as well.




3) Bake at 350 F for 10-12 minutes.  Your first time, you may want to check them more often to make sure they are not burning.  After removing from the oven salt or spice as desired.

4) Gently remove with a spatula or large spoon. These leafs are paper-thin and very light.  Place in a bowl or individual plates for serving.




You can store then for days and days.  Mine never make it very long… before being eaten.



Light, tasty and not a bad way to get a little extra coconut oil and sodium.

Grape leafs are nutritious and make a nice edible garnish for me.

There are many ‘stuffed’ grape leaf recipes that I plan on exploring as well.  This baking method is a nice novelty item to ‘show off’ your crunchy, WILD foraging skills.  :)

As always I urge you to explore new foods, new spices and new preparation methods.

Peace, love and normal blood sugars to you all.