Day 10 – Diabetic Carnivore Experiment

So how am I faring as a 100% diabetic carnivore? After 10 days on a ‘full carnivore’ diet, in a word —  thriving! Which is to be expected, given my usual ‘very low carb‘ diabetes diet.

  • specifics on my all-meat diet and food list
  • my results: activities and blood sugars


Note: Before going to an all-meat diet, I was ALREADY very low carb, with many days consisting nothing but meat. My usual meal was fatty meat, with a vegetable side-dish… I called them edible garnishes.  Going full, all-meat, 100% carnivore, zero-carb… was not a huge leap for me.

diabetic carnivore steak


I think that I shall never see, anything as beautiful as thee. My dinner last night, a rare sirloin steak. My first steak of the all-meat challenge. I need to eat more steaks (stating the obvious). :)


Experiment Introduction

A full introduction can be read in this post, “Diabetic Carnivore“. As noted above, I already follow a very low carb diet, eating less than 10 grams of carbs on most days.

After unsuccessfully attempting to go all-meat several times in the past, I finally committed myself to going full-carnivore. As with most diet changes — it’s all in your mind.  You, me, we can eat just about anything we choose.

So why go full-carnivore, all-meat?

  • To prove that I am the ‘boss of me’. A test of will and willpower.
  • Experimentation – I love to experiment, a wanted to see how avoiding plant-based foods would affect me.
  • Sissy Carnivore –  Amanda Johnson, who is a full carnivore, called me a ‘sissy carnivore’… for eating a few plants. :)
  • All the cool kids are doing it. I have a lot of friends who are ‘fully carnivorous’ … and thriving!


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Blood Sugar Update

Before my all-meat experiment, I typically wake up in the 70’s and 80’s mg/dl, occasionally in the 60s and 90’s mg/dl.

No changes in blood sugars, thus far all of my readings have been in the 70’s and 80’s.

But again, this is not a drastic change in diet. I’m not eating A LOT less carbs, nor am I eating A LOT more meat.

Here is my fasting blood sugar on day 10.  Boom! I love the 70’s!


diabetic carnivore 72


Yesterday, the day before my 72 mg/dl, I ate:

  •  1/2 lb of sausage and four eggs for brunch
  • 3/4 lb of ground beef and cheese (Wendy’s triple, no bun or vegetables) for late lunch
  • 11 oz sirloin and one chicken breast for dinner



My Foods

Pictures are below, but a quick list of the foods I’ve eaten are…

Ground beef, beef liver, eggs, chicken thighs, pork chops, ham, barbecue pork,  bacon, sausage, sardines and kippers.

diabetic carnivore chicken thighs


diabetic carnivore barbecue


Diabetic Carnivore Kippers


My Primal Play (Exercise)

There has been no shortage of energy or strength for exercise, workouts… or play.

Just a couple of pictures of recent activities.


Diabetic Carnivore Play


The weather turned sunny and warm, so I took advantage by working out on a local play ground and bench.  I did various rows, push ups and air squats in the early morning sun.

I loved it!

Diabetic Carnivore Workout


Last picture, of me in the gym…  that’s me, trust me. :)


Diabetic Carnivore Summary

To sum it all up… I feel fantastic!  Or as I like to say, I feel PHantaSTEAK!

Despite several failed attempts to go full-carnivore in the past … this time was so EASY!

I just needed the proper mental reset.  I just had to get my mind right.

As I noted yesterday on Facebook,


“Time is FLYING by — I had no idea it was day 9 – I would have guessed day 5 or 6.

I am ‘in the zone’, it’s soooo effortless now.”.


The above statement is very true… I do not desire plant-based foods. I am perfectly happy and content being a diabetic carnivore, eating an animal-based, zero-carb, 100% carnivorous diet. It’s only day 10,  so time will tell if my status will change, but I doubt it. :)

Wishing you all peace, love and truly normal blood sugars.



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