Insanity II – Dietary Guidelines

In my first post on INSANITY (click here if you missed it) we discussed what insanity is…

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Albert Einstein(attributed)
US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)


To apply this to Nutritional terms…  for the past 40 yrs, “authorities” have been pushing a low fat, high carb meal plan to curb obesity, heart disease and diabetes (among other ailments).

So what have been the results of the past 40 year PUSH to reduce fat and increase carbs ???

  • INCREASED OBESITY (epidemic levels)
  • INCREASED DIABETES (epidemic levels)
  • AND increased DRUG sales to “treat” the diseases.

The money that Big Pharma and Big Agri-biz can throw at FDA, ADA & their minions is too powerful to be overcome by a small grassroots effort.

Sharon Ecim posted this link in a comment on my Facebook Page (thanks Sharon!). The government has set up a website where anyone can post comments and information for the panel to review. I will be posting my comments and I urge EVERYONE to do the same… IF have enough voices of REASON… perhaps it will make a difference.

Any other ideas on what WE the PEOPLE should DO??   …before we end up like the gent in the picture below ??? … or is it too late for me? AHAHAHAHA!!!

3 thoughts on “Insanity II – Dietary Guidelines”

  1. Well put me in a padded room!
    Once I quit following my ada meal plan and went primal/paleo the weirdest thing happened. My blood sugar went down, my HDL went up, my LDL went down, and I quit taking three out of four prescriptions. When my last labs came in and I emailed my doc with concerns that my cholesterol was too low and I wanted to stop taking most my pills, she said fine. What I heard was “Damn I hope he can’t keep this up! How am I supposed to make my boat payments if my customers… er I mean patients start taking responsibility for their health, educating themselves, and taking action.” When it comes to the establishment I don’t think they will change their ways until they have no choice! When the majority of people reject the pills and the feel good promises of the ADA and the side-effects of the miracle pills offered by big pharma, they will be FORCED to take notice!
    It won’t be easy, they will fight tooth and nail to protect their investments and their egos.
    It’s going to take time and effort, but if those of us who have broken free of the ADA chains and experienced great success keep spreading the word and supporting each other we will soon be in the majority and the ADA will not be able to shove us aside.
    Great post Steve!

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