30 Day Challenge – Day 6

This update is through day 6… 1/5 of the way home.  This post contains food pics and exercises done as part of the 30 Day Challenge that Hank Garner (mylowcarbjourney.com) organized.

Already it’s obvious… I erred. I made two of my goals too DIFFICULT! … and two too easy.

Weighted Sumo Squats … is literally a pain in my BUTT!   Sit ups have never been my favorite exercise either… guess what??

That’s why it’s called ….  A CHALLENGE!!!! :)

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Primal Food Pics

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I made Bacon Cups two days in a row before perfecting and posting the recipe.  For dinner one night I skipped the bacon cups and just ate the beef, guacamole, salsa and sour cream… NOT BAD! In fact, …. this combo is so good, you don’t need no stinking bacon!!

I know, I know … it’s blasphemous to say such things. :))



The next picture is a picture of the actual bacon cups… pretty awesome, if I do say so myself….and I do. :)

The flavors and textures work very well together and … it’s low carb.


This last food picture is simply braised ground beef patties with onion and mushrooms tossed in for fun. :)

There are SOO many food combinations you can eat … even on a low carb primal meal plan.

There really are NO excuses.  For a list of my favorite primal foods, click here.


Primal Exercise


As noted above, I’ve made two of my exercise goals… tough.  Doing 5,000  Sumo Squats using a 45 lb Kettle Bell and 5,000 Sit Ups will be difficult.

It truly will be a challenge to complete them and I’m not just saying that for dramatic affect. :)

Two exercises will be relatively easy. I should not have difficulty in 5,000 Jumping Jack nor in doing 1,000 Push Ups.  This leaves only the 5,000 Kettle Bells …and I set that goal just about right.  My plan right now is to do some of each daily but focusing on doing more of two exercises each day.

Once I reach my monthly goals with Jumping Jacks and Push Ups… I’ll be able to concentrate fully on achieving the remaining three goals.


Monthly Totals Through Day 6


* As you can see, I am behind on Squats and Sit Ups …  I hate to be behind plan/goal. Grrrrr…. :)


If you are not exercising… I urge you all to start today.   It literally only takes 15 minutes a day to start.   Find your comfort zone with these core exercises and do a little more each time… I did.


Previous Posts for 30 Day Challenge

Goals Setting,  Days 1-3



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