Bacon, Egg and Tomato Sandwich

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I know some of you struggle with finding truly diabetic friendly, low carb, primal foods… that’s why I post these recipes.

Trust me… it’s really easy to create your own.  Just rule out all the things that you can NOT eat… and have fun, play….. be creative with the rest of the foods you can eat.

Today’s recipe came to me when I was “playing” with a Frittata, leftover salsa and sour cream.

I spread some salsa and sour cream on top of the bacon and egg Frittata and WOW … soooo good.

Memories came flooding back of bacon, egg and tomato sandwiches … I’d not had this combination in a long time.

You don’t have to make this combo in a Frittata … you could scramble eggs, throw in some bacon, tomato and a little sour cream…. and I KNOW that would taste good too. :)


Now for ….

My Bacon, Egg and Tomato Sandwich



6 eggs

7 pieces of Thick Cut Peppered Bacon … regular bacon will do just fine.

salsa (diced tomato for lower carbs)

sour cream

** If you eat the entire  skillet with eggs, salsa and sour cream the total carbs would be @ 9g of carbs.


You can see my other Frittata recipe here.



1. Cook the bacon in a pan or skillet, I love cooking in my cast iron skillet.  This was about 7 pieces (halved) of thick cut, peppered bacon… wow is it good. :)

2. Slice up the bacon (optional)

3. Add eggs,  since this was a ‘single serving’ I added 6 eggs. For two servings, I usually add 10.  Just pour beaten eggs on top of the bacon.

4.  Cook for a couple of minutes on medium heat (stove top) and then place on top rack in the oven for approximately 5-10 minutes.  I typically cook on low broil but  high will work as well, but keep a close eye on the progress.

5. Once the Eggs / Frittata is done, I set aside for a few minutes to allow the mixture to cool slightly. Then slice into quarters and remove half or two pieces from the skillet.

Below is half of the Frittata still left in the skillet.

6. Below is the other half of the Frittata. Removed from the skillet, halved and ‘flipped’ over on it’s back… notice all the bacon and bits. :)

7.   Next simply add sour cream to one of the quarters and salsa to the other…..this is approximately two tbs of each, about 2g of carbs for the salsa.

8. Lastly ‘sandwich’ the fillings … slicing into 1/8’s helped to insure stability.


Just to show you that it is indeed ‘sandwich like’, the picture below is how I ate this. :)

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