Beef & Spinach Burrito … uh huh!

1. This dish is SO EASY … if you add enough fat… real BUTTER, Animal Fats, Palm Oil or Coconut Oil.

2) The dish is easy but it’s not a slam dunk (it’s not automatic).  If you do not add enough fat … the eggs will likely stick.

Good NEWS! … even if you ‘mess up’ … you have scrambled eggs… it’s win/win. :)

I posted a previous ‘egg burrito’ dish several weeks ago … the post has been well received HOWEVER some objected to the contents or the burrito ‘fillings’, you can judge for yourself if you’d like by “Clicking Here“. :)

The contents of this dish are much more mainstream…..  ground beef and spinach! :)

This is a ‘bare bones’ burrito…just eggs, ground beef and spinach.  Imagine it dripping with cheese or hot sauces … or Coconut Flour Gravy … hmmmm. :)  (Karen Gale made an egg burrito  and her pic is at the bottom of the post, thanks KAREN!)

A ‘cut away’ view… it’s a professional photography technique… haha! :)


Moving right along… here are the steps in preparation.


1) Coat the pan/skillet and cook. As noted above make sure the bottom of the pan is WELL coated with grease/fat and heat the skillet for several minutes (on medium) before adding the eggs.

I used 3 Eggs this time and it turned out perfect (I have used 4 previously) per burrito and I beat them with a little heavy cream added… hmmm good! :)

Below is a picture of the eggs … er… I mean … burrito nicely cooked. :)   NOTE the fat ‘puddling’, this will give you an idea of the fat I use.  (as with all pictures, click to enlarge)


Note the fat… saturated fat… is good!!!


2) Pan Removal and Add Fillings. Once the egg mixture appears to be cooked to your satisfaction (I don’t over cook my eggs)

Remove from the pan onto a plate or platter by taking a spatula and slide beneath the eggs ALL THE WAY AROUND to make sure it’s not sticking … if you did your job correctly with the fats… this will be an easy step.

Hold the skillet above the ‘receiving plate’ and carefully “lift and slide” the eggs onto the plate. …. and add your fillings or contents.

Try not to make the ‘fillings’ too thick, at least initially, too much and the ‘burrito’ will  split. BUT as you can see… I use an AMPLE amount of fillings.


3) Next just Roll it UP!   It really holds together surprisingly well.

EGGS are so versatile…

As you can see below, this makes a GREAT ‘to go’ meal.

Due to the amount of saturated fat required to prepare… I do recommend wax paper if you are going to eat this ‘on the go’.

Lastly, I wanted to show you a picture of an egg burrito my friend Karen Gale made. Her’s is much prettier than mine…. I just wanted to show a ‘dressed up’ egg burrito too. :)  Thanks Karen for sharing!

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