Battle of the BACON BULGE!!!!

It was soooo good.

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Saturday 9/3 is International Bacon Day!!!  Woo HOO!

…what’s that?  YOU DID NOT KNOW!!! … I did not either until Adrienne Harvey  told me about it… thanks ADRIENNE!

Bacon specifically and pork generally was extremely important in the first year of my ‘journey’.  I relied heavily on bacon … I still eat it several times a week but in the beginning BACON was even more important.

I had eggs and bacon most mornings, for lunch and dinner I was either eating bacon, cooking with bacon or cooking with rendered bacon fat.  Here’s a post I did on cooking with Bacon and a description of obtaining ‘rendered bacon fat’, “Broiled Bacon & Chicken“.

Just know… BACON has been and is a very important food for me.

International Bacon Day Celebration

To show Bacon the proper respect I and Mark Schweigert are having a friendly competition … we are both going to make a ‘bacon dish’ that I’ve been wanting to try for some time… BACON EXPLOSION!  The recipe is on “BBQ Addicts” website.

Here are my results.  Mark Schweigert and Mark Mealey’s  Bacon celebration pics will be posted tomorrow. :)

Step 1 – The Bacon Weave – used for the outer covering.  (click to enlarge)


Step 2  – Grill the “Inside Bacon”.  

If you have never grilled bacon before, you do NOT know what you are missing.  Click Here for my ‘how to Grill Bacon’ post.

Here are my results. :)


3) Assemble the Bacon Explosion


First add the beef


Next add sausage and more bacon… plus any other ingredients… I chose jalapenos and cheese. :)

Here’s a closer view


4) Roll up your BACON WEAVE and I added Texas Pete… cause I like it. :)

Is she not … GORGEOUS!?!?!?! :)

5) Grill … or smoke. 

Confession time… I never read the directions  on how to cook the ‘Bacon Explosion” … I did NOT KNOW the original recipe was ‘smoked’.

My fault for sure….  I did NOT  find this out until after several grease fires!! :)

No WORRIES!!!!! … I figured out how to cook it on the grill.   Alternate sides of the grill with half of the grill ‘off’.  In other words, only have ‘heat’ on one side of the grill.   If flames become too hot… move to the side without ‘heat’ for a few minutes and rotate the “Bacon Roll”.

I cooked this for about 2.5 hours…. and well worth it. :)

NOTE:  With all the moving the ends did become frayed, next time I will secure with string. ;) 


And finally this picture. :)



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