Primal Thriving with Diabetes on LABOR DAY! WOO HOO!

Primal Equipment for Tire Flips & Sled Pushes

I am THRIVING not just surviving… I sincerely hope you are too.

If you are not thriving…  you should EAT like this “Meal Plan” and exercise like this, “Primal Exercise” … do it for 7 DAYS and check your results… I guarantee you will feel better and be healthier… or your MONEY BACK!   :)


I often say that I am “Thriving, not just surviving”… but what does that mean exactly?

It’s difficult to define but occasionally I like to give you a ‘peek’ into just what that means for me.   This was my post about my Father’s Day, “Primal Father’s Day” … not bad for a 50 year old diabetic. :)

Today’s post is about my “Primal Labor Day” … actually not ‘labor’ as much as primal eXercise.


My Primal Labor Day


Woke up and took Ollie for a walk around 7 am.  Ollie is my canine companion, we walk 2-3 times per day.  This morning I had coffee w/ Heavy Cream in hand… of course. :)

Later around lunch time Ollie and I went to the High School.


I set a Personal Record for 120 Tire Flips, 120 Yards of Sled Pushing and 120 yards of Bear Crawls… today I did it in  30:34 , previously my best was  33:02.

It was cooler today than previously, I’m sure that helped my time.   However, it rained over night and had drizzled intermittently during the day… it definitely made the sled difficult to push at times.

I performed the workout barefoot, fasted and shirtless.   I typically do my best ‘times’ when exercising in a  fasted state.  As for being barefoot and shirtless… it adds to the ‘experience’ to me.

** I will only perform exercises in shoes and shirts when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO SO.

I go shirtless…  not to show off… I have no ‘six pack’ to parade around. :)

I truly love to be outside with the sun on my back and the grass beneath my feet. :)  … You should try it some time….

Lastly… the Ollie Vid … with Primal Play :)

Keep in mind … my “in video” comments are … ‘tongue in cheek”. :)


Why I love High Schools for Workouts


If you are not utilizing your local high school as a ‘primal gym’ … you are missing out on much.  Why?

a) It’s outside… even on cloudy, rainy days it does your soul good to GET OUTSIDE!!   I am convinced… and I’m going out on a limb here… but I am convinced that ‘MAN” was not designed to live in an office, a warehouse, a factory nor a cave (home) … 24 hours a day.

Get OUTSIDE as much as possible.  Sure walking in your neighborhood is good… but I suggest going to the local high school at least once a week.  There is so much you can do there.

b) Bleachers … not many people have oudoor bleachers in their backyard.  Run, walk or CRAWL up the bleachers.  You can also do two legged jumps up the bleachers to simulate ‘box jumps’.  You can also do incline, decline and ‘standard’ push ups on the bleachers… did I mention that BLEACHERS were … OUTSIDE!!!

c)  I saved the best for last …. your local high school football field.   Anytime of year, the football field is an EXCELLENT place to run, walk or crawl barefoot … BUT especially football season.  The groundskeepers pay extra special care this time of year. :)))

I love to run, jump and do bear crawls on the football field…. barefoot and shirtless.   THERE is nothing better than barefoot sprints this time of year…. NOTHING in my opinion. :)


I thoroughly enjoyed my Labor Day today… I hope you did as well.