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Below is an email I received and the questions or statements were addresssed ‘in line’.   I have quoted my comments.

> Hello Steve,
> My best friend has diabetes,  a vegetarian and just
> found out, he’s been sick for at least 3 years, but also he has developed
> Neuropathy, so even though he was a very healthy man, he can’t even walk
> now.

1) I tried going vegan/vegetarian several times pre-diabetes diagnosis… so I can sympathize but it’s not a healthy diet if he was eating glutenous and/or sugary foods… with hydrogenated vegetable oils. In many ways vegetarian diet is healthiER than the typical diets for diabetics.  Many have reported reducing blood sugars on a ‘rabut it’s not a healthy diet for diabetes.

I will maintain this position until someone can show me a Vegan (or vegetarian) diabetic who is drug and insulin free… with normal blood sugars.

2) Neuropathy is caused by elevated blood sugars… consistently elevated blood sugars.  Your friend must first and foremost obtain and maintain normal blood sugars.

Eating a high carb diet of any kind makes that difficult with the resulting soaring highs and crashing lows.

Not every one heals completely, depending on damage done but maintaining NORMAL blood sugars will allow his body to heal.  Many (including myself) have experienced a reversal in diabetes symptoms including neuropathy.

The only way I KNOW to obtain and maintain normal blood sugars is to a low carb primal meal plan… eating coconut oil with animal proteins and fats.  “Low Carb Vegetables” are also allowed as well.

Cut the carbs to 30g or less of TOTAL CARBS per day and eating meats and veggies will help them.

Here is my meal plan,

Here are some food posts.

If he has some mobility, I am assuming he can still exercise at least some. He can ‘curl’ weights and do over head presses, push ups etc…

Depending on his mobility he may still be able to perform these exercises.

>He moves a little bit today, and tomorrow he has to fill himself
> with drugs not to fill the pain in his body.

My heart is saddened by this news … I see and hear it often.

Honestly, he needs to get off the “carb up and shoot up” treatment plan.


Doing so will stop further damage and possibly allow his body to begin to heal…  the alternative is to stay on the same path… and we both know where this leads…. further damage to cells, organs and limbs.

> I really want to help him. Is there any place you can recommend me to learn
> about vegetarian people with diabetes?

Not entirely sure what you mean… but let me make this crystal clear.

I have sought out others… and I know of NO ONE who has achieved normal blood sugars who eats a  high carb, vegan/vegetarian diet.   I do know of people who were on a extremely high carb diet of sugar,
cakes, cookies, bread etc etc… who improved their blood sugars but even still the blood sugars were too high and damaged continued.

I do not recommend that any diabetic eat a vegetarian/vegan diet …

I do suggest that your friend eat as I do and exercise the best they can.

Here is another link to a post. The gentleman tried a vegan diet for diabetes and while it did lower his blood sugar somewhat, it was not until he tried a low carb primal meal plan that he achieved ultimate success.


2 thoughts on “Vegetarian & Diabetes Question”

  1. Vegetarian is not necessarily high Carb. For instance, Broccoli is one of the most concentrated sources of protein. No fat,, no carbs,,, therefore protein. I can’t imagine a person having sugar problems on a diet of green beans and broccoli. Needless to say they would have other problems, including boredom. What is needed is the carb screen, and the glycemic index screen. If you want to add a vegan screen, and see if you still have enough variety, nutrition, etc…. give it your best shot.

    1. John, thanks for your comment. I might try vegan or even raw vegan one day. I’d definitely eat avocado and have many times. I have never had a significant BG response. So while it’s highER carb, it’s high fiber and fat content make it a nice addition. :) I want to talk to one person who has done what I have done on a vegan / vegetarian meal plan. Just one.

      1) Someone who was drug and insulin dependent.
      2) Some one who now has truly non-diabetic normal blood sugars…and
      3) Is totally drug and insulin free

      Thanks again for the comment and all the best.

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