I love real 'science' ... sadly there is very little real 'science' in nutritional science. The headline to a recent article on a study ... aggravated me, so I am going to dissect it.

Vegan Researcher: Vegan Diet is Best?

This is the intial entry in a new category of posts called, “Diabetes Questions”. Periodically I will select questions and answer them via a post. Rest assured, anonymity will be preserved.   Below is an email I received and the questions or statements were addresssed ‘in line’.   I have quoted […]

Vegetarian & Diabetes Question

Preface I have nothing against Vegetarians, Vegans etc … I actually attempted Veganism before my diabetes diagnosis.  I tried many times… but never went an entire day without eating meat. I do believe they are misguided from a nutritional standpoint but I truly wish them all well. I love to […]

Et tu… Fox News = Vegan Diet for Diabetes?