The #FAIL of Conventional Wisdom

The quote below was made in a reply to a discussion regarding the conventional wisdom that diabetics should eat 4-6 meals per day.

“I realize in hindsight I gave way too much credit to conventional dietary wisdom and tortured myself trying to adhere to bad advice.”  ~ Jason Encke


What Jason said is very profound and true.  The sooner YOU realize this the better off you will be.  (Click here for the full discussion.  )

Jason, you, me … “WE” all should question everything we read and hear … especially if the information is created and dispersed by people who profit from such information.

Believe me or not… all nutritional advice should be questioned and tested… by YOU! Yes… that EVEN includes what I tell you. ;)

MUCH of  ‘conventional wisdom’ nutritional advice is founded on studies bought and paid for by either Big Pharma, Big Food or those invested in the Medical Industry.  TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED!


Conventional Wisdom founded on ‘junk science’.

I have written numerous blog posts exposing the ‘tainting’ of nutritional studies by greed and $$$.

My ALL TIME favorite is this one. “Failed the Smell Test“.  I urge you to read the entire post but in summary …

Frito Lay a subsidiary of PepsiCo funded a study that made the claim that, “Snacking is associated with reduced risk of overweight and reduced abdominal obesity in adolescents”.

… so here is Frito Lay / PepsiCo ‘telling’ doctors, nutritionists and dietetics that snacking is actually good.  Of course, Frito Lay nor PepsiCo can be found anywhere in the article.  You must dig deep to discover the actual list of those funding the study.

Wouldn’t you like to know that PepsiCo (a major snack maker)  funded the study?  Is that not pertinent information?

What else do we know about … PepsiCo? … oh yes, that’s right…

…we know that along with PepsiCo…  and many other Big Food companies and Big Pharma companies also FUND our major diabetic educator organization, the “American Association of Diabetes Educators” (AADE) and the American Diabetes Association.  Here is a post “Would this Shock You” that shows a PepsiCo employee heading up the fundraising group, the “AADE Foundation”.

We also know that PepsiCo and other Big Food / Big Pharma companies contribute to the American Dietetics Association (newly renamed the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ).  Click here for a post, “Two ADAs” where I show the corporate sponsors of the national association of dietetics and nutritionists.

It’s almost funny … except it causes so much pain and suffering … to diabetics and others with inflammatory diseases.

The corporate sponsors of the  national association of nutritionists and dietetics???  PepsiCo, Coco Cola, General Mills, Kellogg’s etc

Can you believe it?  In summary, the very companies largely responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemic …

… are also funding nutritional studies supporting their foods AND are funding disease management groups that perpetuate the ‘carb up, shoot up’ treatment plans.   Carb up and shoot up is a phrase I use to denote a high carb meal plan that induces more drugs.

All of this ‘donating of money’ … what I would call influence peddling has created ‘conventional wisdom’ that harms ‘the people’ and benefits Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.


Conventional Wisdom Errors

I and many others, do the opposite of conventional wisdom.  Links (below) are to discussion topics on the forum if you would like to contribute.


Eat 4-6 meals a day – I typically eat one to two meals per day… never more than three.

Must eat 120+ grams of carbs – I rarely eat more than 30g, usually 10-20 grams of carbs per day.

Eat grains, especially whole grains – I eat none.  -0-, nada, zilch and have not done so for over 2.5 years. 

Diabetics can eat what they want –  I do not eat those foods that cause drug and insulin spikes. 

… I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.


Is it not strange that the result of all the errors benefits EVERYONE involved… except the diabetic?  

Big Pharma sells more drugs as a result.

Big Food sells more breads, pasta, cakes and cookies as a result.

The Medical Industry sees ever increasing patients as a result.


If some of the errors benefited the diabetic,  … I’d say it was all a coincidence.  Unfortunately the errors never benefit the diabetic.



Just as my friend Jason noted above …

 “I realize in hindsight I gave way too much credit to conventional dietary wisdom and tortured myself trying to adhere to bad advice.”

We have all been ‘tortured’ … we have all been harmed.

I know this sounds like an unbelievable tale of conspiracy.   Honestly, had I heard this pre-diabetes diagnosis… I doubt that I would have believed it.

Before my diabetes diagnosis, if I’d seen a movie with this as a plot… I would have likely thought it was too ‘un-believable’ for EVEN a movie plot.

Believe it or not… Big Pharma, Big Food and the Medical Industry are looking out for their best interests.

Believe it or not… more often than not, that conflicts with what is in your best interests.

I hope you can see that and will begin to live primally… before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “The #FAIL of Conventional Wisdom”

  1. Very well said. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist either, however all of the conventional wisdom and nutritional marketing and training that’s out there is NOT conducive to HEALTH. It sure seems as though they’d (Big Pharma and Big Farma and most Gov’t agencies) would like to keep us just sick enough to be dependent on processed food, whole grains and drugs to keep “The Benjamins” flowing. The obesity epidemic appears to be good for the economy.

  2. I struggle with the conspiracy theory. If there is a true conspiracy, then someone (person, corporate board, CEO, govt)has to know the truth, but purposely subvert it for profit. If that truly is the case (and I lean toward it being so) then it is one of the biggest crimes against humanity of the century. Just think of all the pain,suffering and expense caused by this. Think also of all the people who have been purposefully duped into believing the current wisdom. The problem with it is, until enough people say enough, it will not change, much like cigarette companies in the 40’s – 60’s. It is doubtful, however, that any type of revolution is possible because of the money involved. There are too many industries that profit from the setup.

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