30 Day Challenge – Day 9

I hope these 30 Day Challenge posts are not too much of  ‘me’. I am doing this primarily for me, to record what I am doing but I’m also giving people who are not on Facebook & Twitter more of an idea of my daily routines & eats. These 30 Day Challenge Posts show pictures of my foods as well as workout summaries.

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Food Porn

Ok… this first picture, this meal was CRAZY GOOD!!!! … and low carb…  10g at most of TOTAL Carbs…

A pile of ground beef with spinach cooked with the beef.  Next, literally throw down a couple of tablespoons of salsa and a couple of tablespoons of sour cream… hmmmm good!!! :)



The Second Picture is 2nd in degree of difficulty and both were so easy to make. :)

I braised ground beef patties and threw on a cup full of mixed veggies in the skillet and cooked for a few minutes. Really just long enough to warm them up. The veggies were frozen.




This last meal was the easiest… I use a strainer with a handle to scoop out the grok pot (crock pot) contents and toss in a bowl.

Part of the fun is ‘picking’ the bones clean. :)

Not pictured… but equally as tasty was the large bowl of chicken broth soup…. amazingly good. :)






Workout Summary through Day 9



1) The top line (in yellow ) is a Week 1 summary.  At the end of week one I had exercised for 338 minutes (far right column) which is about 5.5 hours for the week.  I typically workout in 15-20 minute increments.  Why?

First, it allows me to maintain a strong intensity level, so production per minute is higher.

Second, … anyone can workout for 15 minutes in the morning, evening and during lunch … am I right?

2) The Green line is current week activities… not much more to tell.

3) The Beige Line is an important line that I check DAILY …  it tells me if I am ahead or below ‘goal’.

There are no red numbers…. so this shows I am ahead of ‘goal’. :)

On the down side…. I have not had a ‘rest day’ since starting.  I am hoping I can build up enough ‘cushion’ to give me a  day or two of rest.

We shall SEE!!!!  … they don’t call it a challenge for NOTHING!!! :)


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