Primal Blood was spilled… quit… HELL NO!

I had to jump about 29.5 inches to clear the table and yoga mat.

Yeah… I know, the title was meant to be intriguing. The title is accurate … I am primal and I did lose some blood. :)

I love to ‘push the envelope’ … I love to do things that most can not do or that people do not expect ‘diabetics’ to do.

I love to prove people and ‘conventional wisdom’ wrong. I have had many cuts and scrapes in the 3+ years since my diabetes diagnosis and I would not undo any of them… it sure as hell beats sitting on the couch. :)

It Started….

when David Craig posted a video the other day, showing a 62 year old man jumping up on a picnic table, doing a ‘flat footed table jump’.    It reminded me of one of my workouts… that I had forgotten about.   I’m guessing it was last summer since I attempted many of these.

Yesterday, after 30 minutes of squats and push ups, I once again attempted the “Flat Footed Table Jumps”.  I did five no problem when I was already tired from the earlier workout. I’ll just use the phrase ‘table jumps’ going forward.

Today, I slept well and woke up rested.  When I decided to do the table jumps… I was feeling GOOD!


1. When I did the 5 table jumps yesterday, I was tired but I was also ‘warmed up’… to the max.

2. Today, I had almost no warm up … and on the 5th table jump  I did this….

Most of my weight came crashing down on my left shin … yes, it hurt like hell. I was SO disappointed, I was really looking forward to seeing how many I could do.

After walking around for a few minutes, I added coconut oil to the scrapes and took this picture.

I felt no additional pain when I applied weight to the leg, so I decided to ‘suck it up’ and give it a go.


1. If you notice in the first video … I was jumping onto the table with no ‘cushion’.

2. In the second video, I added a yoga mat to help cushion any future/possible ‘slips’.

3.  I could have ‘quit’ after the first failure. (And I could not have shared my failure… but I did).

I want you to see that I, like everyone has failures.  We are all human.

Had I quit… I would not have been able to do this…    56 Table Jumps in 15 minutes!!!




When the inner voice tells you to quit … or worse when your family, friends, doctors or diabetes educators tell you to quit… tell them …  HELL NO! 

I push the limits… I run barefoot on grass and pavement. I have run barefoot in snow… I have done a lot of crazy things… but as I stated above, I would not change ONE OF THEM.

Some people say I am ‘stupid’ or that I am a ‘fool’ … I am THRIVING!!! …and not just surviving.  I am drug and insulin free…with non-diabetic normal blood sugar.

I think it’s stupid to continue to eat things that cause you harm…. all the while, taking more and more drugs.

I love my life and I would not change a thing.

By the way… after I did the 56 table jumps in 15 minutes,  I felt GREAT! :)

No matter what your disease, do not quit.  Do NOT stop fighting.


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3 thoughts on “Primal Blood was spilled… quit… HELL NO!”

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I think the table jumps are impressive, particularly how many you did in 15 minutes. Way to go!

    P.S. My left shin still hurts from seeing the first video and pic of the injury!


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