Bret Michaels: “Face of Diabetes”, Defeatist Shout Out

There are many Type 1 diabetics with MUCH better blood sugar control… even with truly normal blood sugars.

Bret is no more a role model for diabetes than Wilford Brimley or Paula Deen.



Science, Personal Experiment: Intense X

We are all experiments! Which reminds me of this quote by Eric Savage of MythBusters.

“Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science… is writing it down.”
At least in the eyes of Eric Savage, through the years I’ve done a lot of science. I guess that makes me a … scientist … :)

100 Push ups A Day Challenge

After my Diabetes Diagnosis … I started doing what I could do comfortably, and tried to do a little more each day.

When I first began doing push ups … I could only do 7 in a row.

I got mine in!! How about you? :)

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Vegan Researcher: Vegan Diet is Best?

I love real ‘science’ … sadly there is very little real ‘science’ in nutritional science.
The headline to a recent article on a study … aggravated me, so I am going to dissect it.

500th post! Most Viewed and Favorites

  Wow! When I started this blog back in 2010 … who knew!?!  :) I’m going to give a brief introduction and then go to the most viewed and favorite posts. :) I started the blog because …  I was being mocked and ridiculed. I can take ridicule and mocking but after months and months, […]



Diabetes in Malaysia and Janey Ng

You meet a lot of interesting people on social media… this is certainly the case of Janey Ng. We have communicated a few times.  When I found out she was from Malaysia I told her I wanted to share her story. Diabetes truly is a global epidemic and has reached China and Southeast Asia. I wanted to share […]

Diabetes Warrior or Diabetes Defeatist

If you go to battle and you give your enemy fuel for their machines of war? If you give your enemy ammunition to attack you …. you are at war with yourself, not diabetes. Stop aiding and abetting the enemy!

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Candy, Gluten and Sugar Free Pledge Halloween Weekend

I, (state your name) of reasonably sound mind and body, do solemnly swear to remain candy, gluten and sugar-free throughout the Halloween weekend. I am candy free… 24×7, 365 days… so it ain’t no big thang for me. :)     Helpful Hints Before going to a party,  trick or treating always leave the house sated, […]

You got the money? ADA has the Greed

Bagels, cookies and sandwiches… bizarro world … except in the diabetes universe. Reality is turned upside down… for profit.

The American Diabetes Ass has no shame… they will whore themselves out to any corporate entity willing to pay in cash.


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Idiocracy: Brawndo, Electrolytes and Grains

Is your medical industry professional a member of the Idiocracy? The Medical Industry promotes a high carb, blood sugar elevating meal plan to those that need it the LEAST… diabetics. If that is not idiotic, I’m not sure if anything is…