Fat Fast 2015 Intro & First 48 Hours   Recently updated !

The fast in 2011 had to be cut short due to low blood sugars. That’s ironic when you think about it. Almost all diabetics have elevated blood sugars (above non-diabetic normal blood sugars) and I had to end an experiment due to low blood sugars.


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Day in the Life: Primal Diabetic   Recently updated !

I love the way I eat.
I love the way I play.
I love the way I live!

I am NEVER going back to the way I use to eat and live… NEVER!

Chicken Skin Wraps & Tacos?

If the world stopped throwing away pork and chicken skins… what a wonderful world it would be. :)

The people (and the planet) would be so much better off if they stopped eating processed and foods, started eating REAL foods.

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Vilest Villain? American Society of Nutrition

If you turn over a rock in the nutrition industry … you’ll find the money of Big Food and smell the stench of greed.

I have spent little ink on the American Society of Nutrition or ASN. The American Society of Nutrition may be EVEN worse than the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. How so? I’ll tell you why. :)

Exquisite Paleo Grilling Cuisine

Exquisite and cuisine are not words generally associated with grilling and paleo. After reading this post and even better after trying this ‘recipe’, I think you will agree.


A training supplement for dietitians, provided by Kellogg's.  Dec 2014

Dietitians Admit They Were Wrong!

Did you hear? The national dietetic’s group … admitted they were wrong and caused untold suffering to millions with harmful dietary advice!

You didn’t hear that? Well, they didn’t exactly say those words…