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Yeah… I know, the title was meant to be intriguing. The title is accurate … I am primal and I did lose some blood. :) I love to ‘push the envelope’ … I love to do things that most can not do or that people do not expect ‘diabetics’ to […]

Primal Blood was spilled… quit… HELL NO!

Hey! Do you know who this is? Her face and story has been widely reported and published in major leading newspapers. This is Karen Gale. :) This is an updated story … two years after the original post.  See… if I can do it….and if SHE can do it… YOU […]

Story Update: Type 2… and much more.

There is a nagging question that needs to be answered…. and I am going to take care of this once and for all. First… some background I am not going to bore you with my story (click here for the short version, click here for the long version). In short, […]

Nagging Question … a new challenge

This post will discuss a study that will, according to the article bring about… A revolution to personalized medicine!!! …  here is the original article, “Revolution in Personalized Medicine”. If you are not familiar with epigenetics, here is a post I wrote, “Your DNA is NOT your Destiny“.   Also, here […]

A Revolution in Personalized Medicine?

The names of these two types of diabetes have changed in recent decades... the reason for this change speaks volumes about the ADA's protocols and who their recommended treatments actually benefit.

What is in a Name?

With so much pain and suffering world wide ... why do so many continue to listen to the American Diabetes Association and their world wide partners? I DO NOT!!! And I thrive.

Perils of of Diabetes and Barefoot

I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify... immediately! I did not have a food post on 'Grilled Chicken Wings!" Chicken wings are diabetes friendly! The post includes a video... you can hear them sizzle!

Grilled Chicken Wings