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The exercise and blood sugar lesson is, to know your body. Know your body's blood sugar reaction to various exercise intensities.

Exercise and Blood Sugar

Now that you know 'why' low carb works, its up to you. You continue to feed the foods that fuel your sickness and disease or ... You can begin to fuel the healing of your body. The choice is up to you.

Why Low Carb Works

More and more studies show the positive health benefits of a low carb paleo diet. There is no excuse for a Medical Industry professional not to know the benefits.

Battle of the Diets

I urge you to stop saying, "I can't" ... and start saying " I DO!". I DO CHOOSE to live. I DO choose to THRIVE. I do choose to live successfully with diabetes!

Say “I Can!”

This experiment has given me a very positive feeling about the future. I'm a Type 2 diabetic and if my pancreas begins to fail, I know that I can go "Zero Carb" to remain off of insulin and drugs for as long as possible.

Zero Carb Experiment

Serious Business first… I know that some of you think I am not really doing  300, 200 or even 100 burpees… I have done 300 jump burpees indoors, with a ceiling fan, floor fan and the AC was set on 72 degrees. I did them in about an hour. The […]

More Max & Steve Vids… (100 Burpees?)

I want to thank Chancey Bruce for taking the time to write up his story. His story is typical of most diabetics and provides clues as to why the ADA Food Pyramid is destined to fail for not only most diabetics…but for most people. I communicate with many diabetics and […]

Chancey Bruce’s Journey

Mad Scientist 6
First things first…. I experiment with my meal plan ALMOST all the time. When I am not experimenting, I eat according to this page, CLICK HERE.  I’ve been experimenting off and on since I discharged from the hospital with Diabetes (mostly on).  THE good news for me …  my experimentation […]

The Mad Scientist

Steve's Coconut Ghee 6
My personal goal is to lower inflammation as much as possible to achieve peak physical and mental health. I'll never be able to remove all of the pollution and toxins in my environment, that's why removing as much as possible from diet is so important.

Inflammation and Dairy-Free Experiment

People frequently ask me for recipes, honestly my cooking is usually so simple it’s kind of embarrassing to post the “recipe”. However, embarrassing myself has rarely stopped me from doing/saying anything. :) truly diabetic friendly pork shoulder recipe low carb barbecue sauce recipe   That’s right friends, I give you […]

Primal Pork Shoulder