Blood Sugar Test

The picture to the right was taken yesterday fasted and right before my workout.  It’s about 11:00 Am and other than Heavy Cream and Coconut Oil I had not eaten since the prior day. I love fasted workouts, I seem to do my best in a ‘fasted state’. By the […]

My Primal Update, with Vids and Pics 10/15/11

I have not provided an update on my blood sugars in quite awhile. After amost two years of following a HIGH FAT meal plan (averaging @ 66% of my calories from fat)  … and a 26 day experiment of  VERY HIGH FAT (77% of calories from fat) I decided to […]

lowER FAT & Blood Sugar Update 7/7/11

The last time I tested my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar was while I was doing the Coconut Oil Fasting. (Posts are Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up). There were several lessons gleaned from that experiment but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson learned is…. remove carbohydrates and protein… and blood sugar will decrease.  That seems […]

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Testing [Video]

Back on April 17, 2011 … I began a Coconut Oil Fast (here are the related posts Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up ) Set the Stage As a  consequence of eating only Coconut Oil my blood sugar dropped steadily and I thought it had stabilized but I was wrong. My Overnight […]

Steve Juices? … no that’s Egg on my face.

I have a post maintaining a summary of my Blood Sugar, Exercise and Commentary while attempting a seven day Coconut Oil Fast, you can view it here. “7 Day Fast“. That post is getting kind of long …and I am ONLY ON day 2.   I wanted to do a […]

Pics of Thriving with Diabetes

  My friend John Hanson posted a video today and I found it very enlightening … so much so that I wanted to share it permanently in a blog post. In this video you can clearly see the affects of sugar on the blood stream.   Thanks to John for […]

[Video] Affects of Carbs on Blood

If you read and heed the advice of a leading cardiologist, who also happens to be a diabetic… EVERYONE not ‘just’ diabetics should be doing this!!! What is ‘this’? Periodically Testing your blood sugar…  Yes, even non-diabetics should test their blood sugar monthly, quarterly or yearly. These are Normal “Non-diabetic” […]

Everyone Should Do This!!!

I post my Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose (OFBG) ‘testing’ pictures ALL THE TIME on facebook and twitter. Well… not ‘all the time’ but every time I test. I only test once a week or two (unless I am experimenting) I KNOW that flies in the face of EVERYTHING anyone tells you […]

[Video] Blood Sugar Test