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Tomorrow, 8/1 … will be my two year primal anniversary.  This is important to me for one reason … As I went lower and lower carb after my diabetes diagnosis in February 2009 and went fully primal August 1, 2009 I began to tell more and more people about my […]

Steve Status Update 7/31/11

My lowER FAT primal experiment (Round 1) has been over for two weeks now. I’m running behind on my postings.  Before I start… I want to say this… this experiment was NOT low fat… it is lowER fat. :) If I have learned ONE THING in my two years of […]

lowER FAT Experiment – Update

I am NOT a fan of ‘added sugar’, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  I am not a fan of sugar at all…  because we  know that sugar causes the blood glucose level to exceed ‘normal levels’ and requires insulin to remove it from the blood stream. For diabetics… this […]

War on Sugar

keep an eye on it....Not literally that would be PAINFUL! :)) Do it right and you'll be rewarded with THE best tasting BACON ... ever!!! The smokey flavor from the grill.... OMG GOOD!!!!

Grilled, Thick Cut, Peppered Bacon

I’ve been slack posting lately… this is ‘only’ my 8th post of the month and most of those are food posts. One thing is certain… it’s  NOT from a lack of topics … part of the problem is too many topics.   Ollie For the last five days… Ollie (the canine […]

Ollie and Stuff

This started out being a post dedicated to GRILLED BEEF BRISKET!!!! See the picture below … I really really tried. :) But then circumstances spiraled out of control. (hyperbole much?)  :)  My gas grill began to lose it’s flame…. I had plenty of propane,  I won’t bore you with the details […]

Beef Brisket … oh my GOODNESS!

Butterflying or Spatchcocking chickens are a great way to prepare a ‘whole chicken’. Grilling a whole is diabetes friendly. This is more true if you eat all the parts, especially the fatty parts. I usually save the lean cuts for leftovers, adding butter when eating them separately. Eating a ‘whole’ chicken is […]

Grilled Butterfly Chicken

I have not provided an update on my blood sugars in quite awhile. After amost two years of following a HIGH FAT meal plan (averaging @ 66% of my calories from fat)  … and a 26 day experiment of  VERY HIGH FAT (77% of calories from fat) I decided to […]

lowER FAT & Blood Sugar Update 7/7/11

Today, on the 4th of July, attention in the US is on celebrating our nation’s independence.  As is ‘the usual’ my thoughts turn to this world’s growing health problems and the growing drug ‘dependence’ it’s causing. Diabetes Drug Free since 2009 Insulin Free since 2009 Diabetes Services free since 2009 […]

Independence Day … from drugs?

Not just for diabetics but for all of us, the greatest obstacle to living a long and healthy life? The medical industry. The medical industry, including doctors, nutritionist and diabetes educators cause so much harm… every damn day. When it comes to diabetes care – you must question everything. Initials […]

Primal Fun with a PhD!