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The transformational benefits I received could possibly be yours as well, but you will never know unless you change. If you want to change your health, fitness or mental outlook... you will need change YOU.

Thanks For Diabetes

We are all experiments! Which reminds me of this quote by Eric Savage of MythBusters. "Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science... is writing it down." At least in the eyes of Eric Savage, through the years I've done a lot of science. I guess that makes me a ... scientist ... :)

Science, Personal Experiment: Intense X

After my Diabetes Diagnosis ... I started doing what I could do comfortably, and tried to do a little more each day. When I first began doing push ups ... I could only do 7 in a row.

100 Push ups A Day Challenge

I love real 'science' ... sadly there is very little real 'science' in nutritional science. The headline to a recent article on a study ... aggravated me, so I am going to dissect it.

Vegan Researcher: Vegan Diet is Best?

You meet a lot of interesting people on social media… this is certainly the case of Janey Ng. She is one of the growing number of diabetes success stories following a ‘low carb paleo’ diabetes diet. Her story is a powerful one! her story will prove anyone can go, ‘low carb paleo’. […]

Diabetes in Malaysia and Janey Ng

If you go to battle and you give your enemy fuel for their machines of war? If you give your enemy ammunition to attack you .... you are at war with yourself, not diabetes. Stop aiding and abetting the enemy!

Diabetes Warrior or Diabetes Defeatist