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Science, Personal Experiment: Intense X

We are all experiments! Which reminds me of this quote by Eric Savage of MythBusters.

“Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science… is writing it down.”
At least in the eyes of Eric Savage, through the years I’ve done a lot of science. I guess that makes me a … scientist … :)


I got mine in!! How about you? :)

100 Push ups A Day Challenge

After my Diabetes Diagnosis … I started doing what I could do comfortably, and tried to do a little more each day.

When I first began doing push ups … I could only do 7 in a row.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Paleo

Fiver years ago the common thought was that diabetes was a progressive and debilitating disease… now I and many others know that is simply NOT true.

Today, the common thought is that Alzheimer’s is a progressive and debilitating disease… but is it true? Or is this more failed conventional wisdom?


FB_IMG_1405779639940 (1)

1058 Push Ups… big deal? Uh… yeah. :)

Achieving this goal … pretty much sums up who I am. I am certainly not the strongest guy around, far from it. But when I set a goal… I do not QUIT!

… practically everyone who is reading this post could achieve EVERYTHING that I have achieved.

You simply need to do what I did… start.

Primal Update: Do NOT QUIT!

We all have challenges in our lives. Question everything and keep searching and testing… keep STRIVING to improve your health and fitness… I do.



Are you sure you are ok? No… no I’m not.

This is a quick post with pictures … relating a humorous story. I love the way I eat, I love the way I LIVE!!! And… I want to share it with people, hoping some will ‘give it a go’. :) I’ve made a vow to do more barefoot sprints this year.  Don’t get me wrong, […]

OMG!!! Intense Exercise: Another Resistant Starch TEST! 8

A common complaint from diabetics (those that monitor their blood sugars) is the problem of intense exercise and blood sugar spiking. For those that are insulin dependent and who attempt to monitor and maintain normal blood sugars, this is particularly troublesome. If you don’t know what Resistant Starch is… please click here, “Intro Post“. In […]



100 Barefoot Miles 30 Day Diabetes Challenge 2

The picture to the right is a ‘before’ picture.  This is how my feet looked after day 1 of the challenge. :) I should have written this post months ago…  last fall I ran, “100 Barefoot Miles in 30 Days’ !!!  … completely and totally barefoot. No vibrams, no minimalist shoes… completely barefoot, and I am diabetic. […]

Primal Update …. I am so STOKED!!!! 1

2013 is shaping up to be a TERRIFIC YEAR!    … and yes I am so STOKED!!! This post will discuss a new PERSONAL FITNESS record, public appearances and at the end a combination of recent blood sugar postings.   Appearances I just finished speaking at the Liberty Forum last week, thanks to Chris Lawless for […]

38,500 lbs in 35 minutes


Exercise and Diabetes …with my new toy… :) 5

First thing I should note…“Your mileage may vary!”   Please remember, I am on a very low carb, low inflammatory meal plan…  Your experience may be different from mine… besides, if you learn one thing from me… it should be to question everything and everyone!!! ….. yes, even me. :) I have a CGM (continuous […]