As sincerely as I can say it … I am so thankful for … DIABETES!

I do not say this lightly, I know that my type 1 friends will never be able to say this… however I do state this publicly because the 300 million diabetics on the planet need to hear this.



Primal Update: Do NOT QUIT!

We all have challenges in our lives. Question everything and keep searching and testing… keep STRIVING to improve your health and fitness… I do.

Big Ole Tater – Resistant Starch Test 14

I have tested high fat, high carb foods in the past and as noted, my blood sugar would continue to rise for 2+ hours. That did not happen this time, so that is yet another HUGE PLUS!

I have definitely seen enough here today to continue experimenting with resistant starch.

Potato with sour cream and Kerry Gold Butter. Seasoned with salt and pepper.


New Fruit Experiment! 7

Ok… I have new readers so let me cover three things… important things. 1) Every thing we do is an experiment.  Get it?  Everything you are is a result of all your actions or inaction.   What you do, eat and touch will affect you in some way.  Will it […]

Dear Pancreas, you may rest now… Glucose Tolerance Test Results 16

“I successfully self treat my diabetes with diet and exercise” and that diet is a ‘low carb paleo‘ style meal plan. I never say that I cured my diabetes … never.  Do you know why?  I never had proof that it was true.   I was still insulin resistant, I had […]



Date with the Devil II… Testing Glucose Tolerance 11

I usually say…  “if you want normal blood sugars…Do as I do!”   … not with this post. Post Disclaimer: What I am going to describe in this post… I sincerely do NOT want you to do. I am NOT suggesting this for anyone… especially not diabetics.   I seriously considered not publishing […]

Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo Experiment is over…. or is it? 41

Today is day 32 of my “Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo”  30 day experiment.  In other words I am continuing the ‘experiment’. :) Why?  I have experienced no detrimental effects due to the experiment… it’ s been all positive. Here is my typical meal plan.   Instead of talking about all […]

30 day


Half Way, 30 Day, Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo – Update 4

This is NOT an April Fool’s post… it is NOT.   If you eat and move as I do…  I will all but guarantee it will add years to your life and add life to your years. I am doing another experiment.  You can see previous posts on it here […]

Very Low Carb Paleo Experiment – Week One 2

Last week I started a new experiment … that’s also a new challenge.  Here’s the first post, “Nagging Question“. Before I get into this post too much, let me just say… AHHHHGGG! And that’s a good thing, I’ll explain later. :)   Why This Experiment? 1) Primary Reason …  In […]

food journal day 7


Primal eXercise Update – Kettle Bells woo hoo! :)

Introduction In the fall of 2010, I decided to add kettle bell training to my eXercise routine.  Like with all things… you should start out slowly and gradually move up in intensity. In the picture you can see my progression. Starting out with a 20 lb Kettle Bell (KB)  I […]