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Dear Pancreas, you may rest now… Glucose Tolerance Test Results 17

“I successfully self treat my diabetes with diet and exercise” and that diet is a ‘low carb paleo‘ style meal plan. I never say that I cured my diabetes … never.  Do you know why?  I never had proof that it was true.   I was still insulin resistant, I had tested my insulin resistance several […]

Date with the Devil II… Testing Glucose Tolerance 11

I usually say…  “if you want normal blood sugars…Do as I do!”   … not with this post. Post Disclaimer: What I am going to describe in this post… I sincerely do NOT want you to do. I am NOT suggesting this for anyone… especially not diabetics.   I seriously considered not publishing it… Before you continue reading… […]


30 day

Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo Experiment is over…. or is it? 44

Today is day 32 of my “Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo”  30 day experiment.  In other words I am continuing the ‘experiment’. :) Why?  I have experienced no detrimental effects due to the experiment… it’ s been all positive. Here is my typical meal plan.   Instead of talking about all the foods I’m giving up… […]

food journal day 7

Very Low Carb Paleo Experiment – Week One 2

Last week I started a new experiment … that’s also a new challenge.  Here’s the first post, “Nagging Question“. Before I get into this post too much, let me just say… AHHHHGGG! And that’s a good thing, I’ll explain later. :)   Why This Experiment? 1) Primary Reason …  In short, the experiment is to […]