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Spring time is when I am most 'aware' of my thankfulness. Spring is a time for rebirth in nature. As the temperatures warm, due to my own physical rebirth and transformation I am able to run, play and explore nature like a man in his youth. Spring is the time I feel the most thankful for diabetes.

Spring: Thanks For Diabetes

We all have challenges in our lives. Question everything and keep searching and testing... keep STRIVING to improve your health and fitness... I do.

35 Minutes of Hell

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Ok… I have new readers so let me cover three things… important things. 1) Every thing we do is an experiment.  Get it?  Everything you are is a result of all your actions or inaction.   What you do, eat and touch will affect you in some way.  Will it […]

New Fruit Experiment!

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After following a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan and lifestyle for a couple of years, I decided to perform a Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).  I’d been following a paleo or primal lifestyle and I wanted to test to see how my body would respond. Why? Ultimately to see if […]

Date with the Devil II… Testing Glucose Tolerance

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I am experimenting again … eating only butter, cream and coconut oil.  Here is the introduction and Day 1 post, “Fat Fast Day 1.” In yesterday’s post, “Day 2” … I ranted against the ADA and their ridiculous anti-saturated fat stance in addition to providing details on my fat fast. In this […]

Fat Fast, Day 3

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I will go into the details of Day 2 … but first a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Do you know what Diabetes is? It is hyperglycemia, which means… high blood sugar. check it out, “click here“. Do you want to stop all of YOUR diabetes symptoms from worsening?  … if so […]

Fat Fast, Day 2 & ADA

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I recently completed a 24 hour high carb experiment. I proved that I was still a diabetic among other things, if you missed the post here’s a link, “Date with the Devil – Follow Up“. This post is regarding a new experiment… in a totally different direction, this will be […]

Fat Fast – Day 1 & Intro

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If you are not familiar with my ‘Date with the Devil’ posts, you should read Day 1  and Day 2 before proceeding. In brief, I went very high carb for 24 hours, ‘the devil’ was high carbohydrates. I received quite a few comments and questions regarding my experiment …  which […]

Follow Up on “Date with the Devil”

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I had a … date with the devil??? YES!!! … and by devil I mean… Carbohydrates!!! Now…I”m not talking about eating an orange wedge… or even a baked potato! We are talking full BORE high carb eating!!! ………… however I remained GLUTEN FREE! :) Note: If you are not drug […]

Date with the Devil… Day 2 and Summary

Foods eaten during the experiment Apples, White Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, rice, -0- fat greek yogurt and 2% milk 3
Why a new experiment? To gain knowledge of course! My high carb experiment was only 24 hours, from Noon to noon, 12/5 and 12/6/2011 but that was long enough. The devil being … carbohydrates. :)   Notes   1) I am a Type 2 Diabetic who successfully self treats my disease with […]

Date with the Devil

Which side are you on?
  This post originated from an online discussion I engaged in recently, I urge YOU to read this and think about ‘who’s side are you on?” My only reason for participating  in nutritional debates or  ‘online discussions’? I’m hoping a few lurkers may be persuaded to at least check out […]

Whose Side are YOU on?

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This post has Pelican videos and additional links regarding past vacations at Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC. Some may be asking … what does pelican videos have to do with diabetes? A LOT! :) It’s further evidence or proof.  When I say that I am ‘thriving, not just surviving’ … I want […]

Pelican Videos and More

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I am now… a BAREFOOT RUNNER!!! … argh!!! :)   I have been running sprints, jogging and performing exercises barefooted for almost two years. However I never considered myself a ‘barefoot runner’ until last night. I ran 3 miles, on pavement (and cement sidewalks) lastnight Today after running a 5k, I […]

I am a Barefoot Runner, with Diabetes

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In the previous post I showed an updated picture and shared workout videos, click here if you missed that post. I am a type 2 diabetic, with normal blood sugar who is drug and insulin free. :) This post is primarily a pictorial of the rest of my day, highlighting […]

My Primal Update, Part II

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The picture to the right was taken yesterday fasted and right before my workout.  It’s about 11:00 Am and other than Heavy Cream and Coconut Oil I had not eaten since the prior day. I love fasted workouts, I seem to do my best in a ‘fasted state’. By the […]

My Primal Update, with Vids and Pics 10/15/11

This post is not about food, the picture to the right is just to show you the satisfying and nutritious foods I eat. Bun-less burgers rock! :) This post is about  living primally and diabetes.   For most diabetics, cuts or even scrapes and bruises are a BIG DEAL! Why? […]

Primal Living and Diabetes