The picture to the right was taken yesterday fasted and right before my workout.  It’s about 11:00 Am and other than Heavy Cream and Coconut Oil I had not eaten since the prior day. I love fasted workouts, I seem to do my best in a ‘fasted state’. By the […]

My Primal Update, with Vids and Pics 10/15/11

Preface I eXercised almost daily for two years. The last several months my activity level has dropped… mainly due to Ollie and work. I still go for 15-30 minute walks twice a day, lift heavy things 1-3 times a week and perform intense cardio 1-2 times a week. So I […]

Primal Vacation Wrap Up w/ Pics and Vids

Sometimes I exaggerate a title to ‘lure’ readers into my blog, other times I try to create an intriguing title to ‘lure’ them. I am doing neither with this post’s title. We were NOT  in danger of dying … but we easily could have been injured on the algae covered, coral […]

My Primal & Dangerous Adventure

I had to drive my son back to Wilmington, NC and yesterday was my first full day. I wanted to give you an idea of my ‘day’ so you would see that at 50 years old, as a former diabetic and formerly obese  person… I am TRULY THRIVING!!! … not […]

Thriving in Wilmington, NC

I am SO GLAD IT IS OVER!!! … this is the LAST time I am posting about a lowER fat experiment.  I had wanted this experiment to go longer… but I “caved in to the fat”. :) I’ve tried twice this year to go lowER fat  and each was less […]

lowER Fat Experiment – is OVER

Tomorrow, 8/1 … will be my two year primal anniversary.  This is important to me for one reason … As I went lower and lower carb after my diabetes diagnosis in February 2009 and went fully primal August 1, 2009 I began to tell more and more people about my […]

Steve Status Update 7/31/11

My lowER FAT primal experiment (Round 1) has been over for two weeks now. I’m running behind on my postings.  Before I start… I want to say this… this experiment was NOT low fat… it is lowER fat. :) If I have learned ONE THING in my two years of […]

lowER FAT Experiment – Update

I’ve been slack posting lately… this is ‘only’ my 8th post of the month and most of those are food posts. One thing is certain… it’s  NOT from a lack of topics … part of the problem is too many topics.   Ollie For the last five days… Ollie (the canine […]

Ollie and Stuff

I have not provided an update on my blood sugars in quite awhile. After amost two years of following a HIGH FAT meal plan (averaging @ 66% of my calories from fat)  … and a 26 day experiment of  VERY HIGH FAT (77% of calories from fat) I decided to […]

lowER FAT & Blood Sugar Update 7/7/11

Nope…  my streak ending is not on the same level as …. Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played nor Byron Nelson’s 11 consecutive PGA tour wins… Background For breakfast yesterday, I ate nothing as I normally do, those in the primal/paleo community generally call this intermittent fasting, click here for more […]

A Streak Ends! … say it ain’t so Joe!

  THANK YOU ALL for the many ‘Birthday Wishes’ … It meant much to me … it’s very gratifying …  sincerest thanks. :)   Birthday Exercise Most days I attempt to set new personal records and so should you!!!  No matter what it is… if it’s only walking to the […]

Primal 50th Birthday, New Personal Record

First, let me say YES it is true… I have had two Primal Failures.  I like to brag or show successes…but I do have failures too. It is also TRUE that when looking at the goals that REALLY count … PRIMAL Delivered… BIG TIME! Those main goals are: 1) Improved […]

Primal Failures

The last time I tested my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar was while I was doing the Coconut Oil Fasting. (Posts are Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up). There were several lessons gleaned from that experiment but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson learned is…. remove carbohydrates and protein… and blood sugar will decrease.  That seems […]

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Testing [Video]

I have a post maintaining a summary of my Blood Sugar, Exercise and Commentary while attempting a seven day Coconut Oil Fast, you can view it here. “7 Day Fast“. That post is getting kind of long …and I am ONLY ON day 2.   I wanted to do a […]

Pics of Thriving with Diabetes

I am posting pictures of our trip this weekend for two reasons… 1) So you can see how beautiful Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC truly are. 2) So you can see… I live a normal life. Well… a normal life for a fit, non-diabetic. :) Activities My exercise??? a) Swimming […]

Wrightsville Beach, April ’11

As you read this post, many of you may be saying, “I could never do that” … Well… I’ll be 50 years old in a couple of months and I would have said the same thing two years ago… YOU WILL NEVER know until you try. Take away message from this […]

30 Day Challenge Summary

Hey, successfully managing diabetes is a beautiful thing! We are managing our insulin resistance and/or reduced pancreatic function with a low carb paleo approach. It is a beautiful thing! But it's not a cure for diabetes.

Diabetic my BUTT!