This post is a follow up to “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe“. You may want to read it quickly before reading this post if you have not done so. I am diabetic, therefore my toes are ‘diabetic toes’ … however since I successfully treat my diabetes […]

Diabetic Toe … Part II

It finally happened…. I was told by more than a few that if I continued to run barefooted … I was going to get a cut on my foot or toes. Well it finally happened yesterday. :( This post is a reply to the people who criticized me for posting that […]

When is a Diabetic Toe … just a toe?

Over 2/3’s of the way home now… entered the HOME STRETCH! This post will include … Foods Pics and Exercise Updates. :) ** If you are new to my blog… keep this in mind. I am a 49.8 year old, formerly obese diabetic. I now have normal blood sugar and […]

Day 22 of 30 Day Challenge

If you read and heed the advice of a leading cardiologist, who also happens to be a diabetic… EVERYONE not ‘just’ diabetics should be doing this!!! What is ‘this’? Periodically Testing your blood sugar…  Yes, even non-diabetics should test their blood sugar monthly, quarterly or yearly. These are Normal “Non-diabetic” […]

Everyone Should Do This!!!

… I like to say that I attempt to motivate, educate and entertain.  Part of the ‘entertainment’ is comedy and to be honest… some of my comedy is not funny… to others. :) I do use a fair amount of self deprecating humor… but this post is about a joke […]

Primal Humor

I post my Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose (OFBG) ‘testing’ pictures ALL THE TIME on facebook and twitter. Well… not ‘all the time’ but every time I test. I only test once a week or two (unless I am experimenting) I KNOW that flies in the face of EVERYTHING anyone tells you […]

[Video] Blood Sugar Test

Setting Up the Post: Most who know me, know that Mark Sisson author of “The Primal Blue Print” and “Primal Blue Print Cookbook”,  opened my eyes to ‘all things primal’  and I do quite a bit of promotion for him… free.  He did provide information that totally transformed my life… […]

Giving Credit to Richard Nikoley

Today was just a GORGEOUS day … my wife and I headed to the high school football field and track for our exercise. It’s good to get outside as much as you can when the sun is shining. Studies show that we need the Vitamin D3 caused by sunlight. I […]

Primal eXercise, Bleacher Work Vids for diabetics

This post is about running with diabetes… with butter as my only fuel. Steve Note: I do believe that running long distances is inflammatory FOR ME.  I do like to run longer distances occasionally … just to see if I can still do it. :)   What is a long […]

Running and Diabetes or Butter II

Fact: a high fat, moderate protein, very low carb paleo meal plan can keep the doctor away. I've not seen a doctor due to diabetes or any illness in almost 8 years. Winning! :)

Butter a Day Keeps Diabetes Away

My Trip to South Mountain State Park in North Carolina. * Note:  Pictures of our trip are below… following a brief discussion. :) Why did I title this post as such?  Why not call it a “Trip to the Mountains”? … to make a point. I went to the mountains […]

Diabetes Trip to the Mountains

The pictures were taken January 4-5, 2011 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. … included are a couple of updated pictures of me… it’s been many months since I’ve posted any… but as you can see, I’m still about the same. I’ve been in the 160 – 170 lb range for well […]

Pictures from Wrightsville Beach

I was 'chained' to drugs and insulin for survival ... or so I thought. Since I have been on a low carb paleo meal plan and lifestyle... I've been diabetes drug free!! I have been completely drug free except for the drug for pain after my dislocated shoulder.

Labels of Drugs I Took

This post will be used to accumulate my notes for Max’s treatment (near the end of the post)  so it will be updated as new info is found. I didn’t take diabetes “laying down” … so don’t think that I am going to take Max’s illness laying down either. Having […]

My Canine Companion is Sick

What is this non-sense?    How can Primal Living be hazardous to your health? Truth be told… there are alternate Post Titles that would be equally appropriate, such as: 1) Ketone Infused Brain can be dangerous. 2) Idiocy is hazardous. 3) Use common sense when exercising…. 4) Don’t Show Off […]

Primal Living can be…Hazardous (Confession)

I was reminded of my food journal “reports” which include Protein, Fat and Carb ratios yesterday. I had not posted this in some time…. so here’s an update.  (Thanks to Donna D’Souza) The report includes August and all but the last two days of September…so for practical purposes, this is […]

Diabetic Meal Plan, Food Journal

Max on the Bed 7
Just wanted to give you a snap shot of my past 24 hours…ending this morning.  It was a pretty solid time for me.  I have  Type 2 Diabetes… yes I am a diabetic who takes  -0- drugs , -0- insulin since March ’09. I do follow, The Primal Blueprint, Click […]

My Diabetes Moments …past 24 hours

July and August 2010 Food Journal Summary 2
I have not posted a Food Journal Summary in awhile… so here is an update on the execution of my low carb food pyramid. Instead of ranting against the American Diabetes Association or their Minions … a brief repose from ADA basing…. *ha* :) I log every thing I eat […]

My Food Journal Since July 1, ’10