A Lapse in Judgement

This experience shows me that after eating VERY low carb for 11 years… I am still addicted to sugar. I shall not, in fact I can not consume sugary foods. It is, as it was before a diabetes diagnosis … like crack to me!

11 Year Diabetes Check Up

When I began this journey the medical industry claimed diabetes was a debilitating disease with deteriorating health and increasing pain and suffering. Once again… they were wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way

Thanks For Diabetes

The transformational benefits I received could possibly be yours as well, but you will never know unless you change.

If you want to change your health, fitness or mental outlook… you will need change YOU.

Fat Fast, Day 3

I am experimenting again … eating only butter, cream and coconut oil.  Here is the introduction and Day 1 post, “Fat Fast Day 1.” In yesterday’s post, “Day 2” … I ranted against the ADA and their ridiculous anti-saturated fat stance in addition to providing details on my fat fast. In this post I will talk briefly …

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Whose Side are YOU on?

  This post originated from an online discussion I engaged in recently, I urge YOU to read this and think about ‘who’s side are you on?” My only reason for participating  in nutritional debates or  ‘online discussions’? I’m hoping a few lurkers may be persuaded to at least check out a ‘low carb primal’ lifestyle. …

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