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Not just for diabetics but for all of us, the greatest obstacle to living a long and healthy life? The medical industry. The medical industry, including doctors, nutritionist and diabetes educators cause so much harm… every damn day. When it comes to diabetes care – you must question everything. Initials […]

Primal Fun with a PhD!

This week, the World’s Largest ADA Minion Party convened…. What? You did not know about it??? It’s a time when all the ADA Minion come together and slap each other on the back and tell each other what a great job they are doing. The American Diabetes Association published a […]

Chief Scientific ADA Minion Speaks

Nope…  my streak ending is not on the same level as …. Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played nor Byron Nelson’s 11 consecutive PGA tour wins… Background For breakfast yesterday, I ate nothing as I normally do, those in the primal/paleo community generally call this intermittent fasting, click here for more […]

A Streak Ends! … say it ain’t so Joe!

This post shows a partial listing of the ‘corporate sponsorship’ of the USA’s national dietitian’s group, the Academy Nutrition & Dietetics (AND). The data is from 2011, when this post was originally written. The group (AND) changed their name in recent years. they were formerly known as the American Dietitian […]

Corporate Sponsors of Nutrionists

My wife uses a slightly different form of reverse psychology almost every week when she buys Cheetos, Gatorade, Doritos, or some other very tasty non-nutritious food or drink that she knows I can’t consume.

Lack of Spousal Support

This post is an update thru Day 11 of my 21 Day Challenge … it culminates on my 50th Birthday, June 9th. Here are my previous posts, “Intro” and this is my “The Plan“, “Day 7 Update“. To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to: a) Develop […]

Day 11 Update – Plan of Attack

On May 19th another experiment as well as another challenge was undertaken. Here is an introduction post about the ‘why’ … “Primal Failures” and this is my “Plan of Attack“. To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to: a) Develop 6 pack abs in 21 days. b) […]

Day 7 Update – Plan of Attack

This post will be discussing an article I read regarding Fasting and Diabetes Drugs. Research: Not natural ways to reduce blood sugars but in potential drug sales New Class of Diabetes Drugs   I really wanted to do a positive post, I haven’t done many lately.  I am so fortunate […]

Fasting and Diabetes Drugs?

The last time I tested my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar was while I was doing the Coconut Oil Fasting. (Posts are Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up). There were several lessons gleaned from that experiment but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson learned is…. remove carbohydrates and protein… and blood sugar will decrease.  That seems […]

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Testing [Video]

Here is a TRUE Diabetic Nutrition Chart designed to help those with diabetes control their blood sugar. This food pyramid along with free Diabetic Dietary Guidelineswill help you improve your health. Please continue to read for more information on how to use these Diabetic Dietary Guidelines.   Do you know […]

Diabetic Nutritional Chart

… I like to say that I attempt to motivate, educate and entertain.  Part of the ‘entertainment’ is comedy and to be honest… some of my comedy is not funny… to others. :) I do use a fair amount of self deprecating humor… but this post is about a joke […]

Primal Humor

This week marks the two year anniversary of my Diabetes Diagnosis and my decision to do every thing I could to fight the disease.  I am often asked ‘why did you decide to fight it’? … why did I decide to become a Diabetes Warrior?  Why not be an ADA […]

Why I fight diabetes – Two Year Anniversary

This post is about Mark Gaw’s ‘story’.  The facts of his story are just that… FACTS! However, we have a little fun in this post as well and thanks to Mark for going along. :) Obviously the main focus of my blog is convincing Diabetics to pursue a low carb […]

Mark Gaw’s Story

This article hit the news wires Friday… no real new news… but there was nuggets of information that need to be mentioned. Obesity Epidemic Risks Heart Disease Tsunami “More than half a billion people, or one in 10 adults worldwide, are obese — more than double the number in 1980 […]

MORE Evidence of Harmful Dietary Advice

I made a dinner the other night revolving around ‘yardbirds’ and it was so TASTY I just wanted to share with you the pictures and the “how to’s”. :) Individual Dishes Any ONE of these is worthy on an entire meal…. but together… it was scrumptious! 1) Primal Chicken Wings […]

Chicken Fest 2011

My Trip to South Mountain State Park in North Carolina. * Note:  Pictures of our trip are below… following a brief discussion. :) Why did I title this post as such?  Why not call it a “Trip to the Mountains”? … to make a point. I went to the mountains […]

Diabetes Trip to the Mountains

Brief Intro I am in an almost constant state of experimentation … or so it seems.  Here is a post on some of my experiments. :) Someone said that we are all living experiments and I agree. For most of my life, I was an experiment to see how much punishment […]

Diabetes, Dairy and Me

Carnitas are so ‘me’ ….. I love cooking simple but flavorful meals AND Carnitas are BOTH.   And… once the pork roast is slow cooked…it’s quick too! I want to thank my friend Lily Pink for suggesting these. As she mentioned… the basic recipe works great for many different meats. […]

Carnitas…simple and EASY!