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The topic of this post is a study purported to show that potatoes are ok for type 2 diabetics. As you will see, this study is a perfect example of why I say, there really is very little real science in "nutritional science" AND that too often nutritional science REALLY is nothing more than marketing propaganda for those that fund the 'science'.

The Potato Study. There is little “science”!

statins, diabetes care?
As the ADA receives more and more money from Big Food and Big Pharma... they must recommend more and more policies to repay their corporate masters. The cholesterol policy change is more evidence of just that.

ADA Updates Diabetes Care

I love real 'science' ... sadly there is very little real 'science' in nutritional science. The headline to a recent article on a study ... aggravated me, so I am going to dissect it.

Vegan Researcher: Vegan Diet is Best?

“These results suggest that even for people within the normal range of blood sugar, lowering their blood sugar levels could be a promising strategy for preventing memory problems and cognitive decline as they age,”

Dementia and Blood Sugar Are Linked

My heart goes out to all who suffer due to the harmful diabetes treatment protocols promoted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). A harmful diabetes diet and wrong blood sugar targets cause much pain and suffering.

Examples of Harmful Diabetes Treatment

Some are more lighthearted than others and all have a more somber undertone. .... some that I have posted on social media… and some that I decided not to post due to their more acidic nature.

Diabetes Related Memes

I seek avenues to convince people that there is … a better way. When  Mack Dudayev contacted me on Facebook asking if he could write a guest post on my website about life insurance… I said “YES!”. :) Why? 1) I had questions I wanted answered. 2) This was an opportunity […]

Diabetes and Life Insurance

The medical industry doesn't have 'diabetes care experts', they have experts at increasing diabetes care. They promote diets and lifestyles that increase the need for diabetes care, diabetes services and diabetes drugs.

Experts of Diabetes Care?

This post will discuss a study that will, according to the article bring about… A revolution to personalized medicine!!! …  here is the original article, “Revolution in Personalized Medicine”. If you are not familiar with epigenetics, here is a post I wrote, “Your DNA is NOT your Destiny“.   Also, here […]

A Revolution in Personalized Medicine?

Only a complete imbecile would say that gallbladder removal causes 'no observable problems'. Are you sick and tired of being lied to by the 'medical industry'?

Problem Eating Fat

Do you have a child that has diabetes symptoms?  Have they had high blood sugars (hyperglycemia)? … but were tested for diabetes using an Hemoglobin A1c test? If so, I would urge you to read this post and consider other options, an article below states the tests are inaccurate for […]

A1C not Accurate for Children! Thanks ADA