A category for my diabetic food posts. All are part of my personal diabetes diet.

I have many new visitors to the site… thanks and WELCOME! I attempt to do a variety of things here … one of them is posting food posts, to give people options.   I adhere to a “Very Low Carb Paleo” meal plan which has allowed me to successfully manage diabetes, […]

Bacon Butter and Coffee

Note: This may be my all time favorite ‘food post’… why? It’s not the taste of the food (although it was good) … it was the experience and the pictures, wow! Please… I urge you as always… click on the pictures to enlarge them. :)    I’ve always loved the […]

Grilling Onion, Bacon and Beef

All of my diabetic recipes are truly diabetic friendly. Too many recipes claim to be diabetic friendly, instead they are big food, big pharma and medical industry friendly.

Braised Chicken, Tomato and Bacon

The eggnog recipe is ... Low carb, high fat, moderate protein and diabetes friendly! :)

Primal Eggnog

Avocados are nutritious, including good fats and proteins. They are low carb and have a very small blood sugar impact, making avocado diabetes friendly. Absolutely avocado stuffed with bacon is diabetes friendly. :)

Avocado is Diabetes Friendly

You should eat a diverse diabetes diet. Read below, do not assume you know what I am referring to, the devil is in the details. diversity of foods generally equates to more diverse nutrients consumed. there are no ‘essential carbohydrates’.   Your diabetes diet should not only include meats (fatty meats […]

Bacon and Chicken Livers

You should be creative! You should be looking for ways to make your own, more nutritious and healthy foods.

Low Carb Paleo Steak Salad

Some may consider this food post ‘bizarre’ or unusual…. it’s just fish and bacon. I have talked about the importance of eating non-traditional foods and expanding your food varieties. Here is a post dedicated to the subject, “Bizarre Foods“.  Here is a post with foods that I called bizarre, “Cactus, […]

Bacon & Smelt

Note: Here is the first post I mention spatchcocking … in that post I was cooking a chicken. I could easily spatchcock a chicken in less than a minute, it is SO easy, quick and simple.  I have done it numerous times now and really … there is no reason […]

Spatchcocked, Primal Turkey?

I have several posts on making ‘low carb’ primal chili … so I won’t go over it here. If you want to see those posts, click here for the recipe and here, here for additional posts. I made a huge pot of chili yesterday and had plenty of leftovers ready […]

Chicken and Primal Chili … awesome!

A friend on twitter (@meandjorge) mentioned that she was making stuffed zucchini and I decided to make my own… … I mean… what a WONDERFUL idea! Zucchini or Zukes as I like to call them are very low carb, only 4 grams of carbs per cup. I was making a […]

Zucchini Boats … chili, cheese and bacon.

This post is really just a pictorial view of my time spent at T & D Farms today …. and pictures of the first meal prepared from the bounty.  The first meal was a ‘sampler’ of pastured meats! :) T & D Farms is a family farm owned and operated […]

Introductory Post of Pastured Meats and T & D Farms

This food post will be revisiting one of my all time favorite meals… The Omelette   … I’ve posted about them several times and when my friend Joel Spencer posted his delicious looking omellete pic… I knew what I was having for lunch. Note: Click on Pics to Enlarge…. You […]

Bacon, Spinach and Tomato Omelette

The purpose of this post is three-fold … 1) Challenge you to eat new foods.  I want to encourage EACH and every one of you to OPEN YOUR MINDS when it comes to new foods. By adding variety it increases the odds of success, especially those who waiver at times. […]

Fish, Cactus, Bacon and Eggs… diabetes friendly all.

On the next to the last day in Wilmington, NC  (see previous post, “Thriving in Wilmington“) I made a grocery run. I purchased a beef round roast (it was on sale) and decided to slice it up thin, braise in bacon  and add to a salad. Why did I slice and […]

Braised Roast Salad with Broth

If patience is the only virtue… I’d be virtue-less. I’m sure you have heard of the biblical story relating to the ‘patience of Job’. I have so little patience, I have the patience of Jo.    :) I purchased a Corned Beef Brisket that was ‘pre-spiced’…. I was STOKED, this […]

Corned Beef Brisket and the patience of Jo

In this previous post I discussed fermented foods.  The process of fermenting is a positive thing for everyone… ESPECIALLY for diabetics. Fermenting is a process by which beneficial bacteria  ‘eats’ carbohydrates, thereby reducing the blood sugar affect… meanwhile increasing the nutrients of the food or drink. … it’s a Win […]

Product Review & Fermented Food Links

Yesterday, Saturday 9/3/11  was INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!! I posted about my celebratory meal which was my version of the “Bacon Explosion“, click here if you missed it.  Mark schweigert and I had a friendly competition to see who could make the best … and he clearly won.  However, as Mark said, […]

International Bacon DAY – Champion! :)