A category for my diabetic food posts. All are part of my personal diabetes diet.

Dandelions? Nutritious? Diabetes Friendly?

… on what PLANET does it seem logical to pollute our environment with toxins, to kill nutritious plants?
Answer: On a planet dominated by large corporations who are hell bent on being the ONLY source of ‘food’ … Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestle’, PepsiCo etc.

Grilled Chicken Wings

I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify… immediately! I did not have a food post on ‘Grilled Chicken Wings!” Chicken wings are diabetes friendly! The post includes a video… you can hear them sizzle!

Avocado is Diabetes Friendly

Avocados are nutritious, including good fats and proteins. They are low carb and have a very small blood sugar impact, making avocado diabetes friendly. Absolutely avocado stuffed with bacon is diabetes friendly. :)

Bacon & Smelt

Some may consider this food post ‘bizarre’ or unusual…. it’s just fish and bacon. I have talked about the importance of eating non-traditional foods and expanding your food varieties. Here is a post dedicated to the subject, “Bizarre Foods“.  Here is a post with foods that I called bizarre, “Cactus, Fish and Bacon“.  Of course, …

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