A category for my diabetic food posts. All are part of my personal diabetes diet.

Meat Roll

I have recipes for Meatwich (click here) , Meat Muffin (click here)  and other TRULY DIABETIC RECIPES (click here) …….. today I woke up thinking of a possible new recipe. I had just bought 4 – 6 oz,  “Fillet of Sirloin” steaks for $4.66 per pound.  They were thick and somewhat round in shape…. so …

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Primal Chili II

I can and do eat chili year round … but had not made it recently…. that all changed this morning. In my opinion, low carb “primal” chili is a great food for diabetics… and it is what I call a “3-2” pitch in my personal diabetic diet. Truly, it’s a great food for EVERYONE! Why? … …

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Primal Pork Shoulder

People frequently ask me for recipes, honestly my cooking is usually so simple it’s kind of embarrassing to post the “recipe”. However, embarrassing myself has rarely stopped me from doing/saying anything. :) truly diabetic friendly pork shoulder recipe low carb barbecue sauce recipe   That’s right friends, I give you a wonderful pork shoulder food …

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Meatwich Updated!

Before going fully ‘low carb paleo’, I was concerned about several things including my ability to stay with the meal plan given the more limited food offerings. Trust me on this, do not be concerned!

Low Carb Paleo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are full of healthy fats and proteins. If you use truly healthy means to cook, spice and coat them… they can be an important food for you.

My family and friends love these low carb paleo chicken wings! It’s a win, win, win!