My personal activities, successfully self managing my diabetes.

If you go to battle and you give your enemy fuel for their machines of war? If you give your enemy ammunition to attack you .... you are at war with yourself, not diabetes. Stop aiding and abetting the enemy!

Diabetes Warrior or Diabetes Defeatist

Backed up by not only my experience but also those of many others a 'low carb paleo' approach is by far the best meal plan to help you lose weight. Fortunately for 'us' ... a low carb paleo approach is the best way to lose weight, maintain normal blood sugars and maintain optimum blood pressure. :)

Weight Loss, Hypertension and Maintaining

I am changing the things I cannot accept. And I cannot accept ... "Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry profiting from harmful dietary, nutritional and medical advice.' I can not accept it, I will not accept it and I am changing it ... if only one person at a time. Change the things you CANNOT ACCEPT!

RISE UP!!! Indeed.

Achieving this goal … pretty much sums up who I am. I am certainly not the strongest guy around, far from it. But when I set a goal… I do not QUIT! ... practically everyone who is reading this post could achieve EVERYTHING that I have achieved. You simply need to do what I did... start.

1058 Push Ups

Here is what I did.... Every time I tested my blood sugar I used the ReliOn Micro and the FreeStyle Lite. In most cases I used the 'same drop of blood' but in all cases I used the same 'lancet' cut location. In other words, after pricking myself a few times I actually had to squeeze more blood out of the same 'cut' location.

Blood Sugar Meter Review has agreed to provide readers with a discount and to provide me with product and supplies to review!! :) First Review? Dr. Bernstein's favorite meter... the Freestyle Lite. I'll have that review coming soon.

Testing Blood Sugar Meters and Diabetic Supplies

Luckily I did not listen to those that profit from the pain and suffering of diabetics ... After 5 years... I love how I eat, I love how I play... I LOVE HOW I LIVE!!! ...and I'm never going back!!

Happy 5 year Diabetes Anniversary!!! WooT

It is true I am eating beans… for science! :) Do NOT skim over the notes… please.  Read all of these notes very carefully… read for comprehension.  (it’s important!) :) Personal experimenting is a way that we can truly learn about our bodies. My chief tool is a glucometer, used for testing […]

Steve’s Eating BEANS? Yep! For Science! :)

Every single test of potato starch that I've done has been successful. I am about to gear back up for more tests too... so stay tuned. I've been asking this question a lot lately ... having seen my results, if you are not using potato starch... why not?

Intense Exercise, Blood Sugar and Resistant Starch

This is a quick post with pictures … relating a humorous story. I love the way I eat! I love the way I play! I love the way I LIVE!!!   And… I want to share it with people, hoping some will ‘give it a go’. The benefits of this […]

Are you sure you are ok? No… no I’m ...

My personal experiment shows the positive effects resistant starch can have on your blood sugars, therefore potato starch can help you manage diabetes. I urge you not to eat a lot of high carb foods to obtain resistant starch, but to use Bob's Red Mill Raw Potato Starch.

Resistant Starch and Diabetes Experiment Day 25

AT THE VERY LEAST Resistant Starch (Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch) is an inexpensive prebiotic that benefits the lower gut. At the most, I've seen it improve insulin resistance, improve 'glucose processing' and blunt the blood glucose effect of foods. Now.. I've witnessed it apparently blunt a blood glucose spike from intense exercise.

Another Resistant Starch and Intense Exercise

Below are the top pages and top posts for all of 2013. This year… as every year, had more page views and unique visitors than the previous year. I owe so many so much for helping to make this happen … and big heart felt THANKS! Thanks to everyone who […]

2013 Summary, Goals for 2014