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A recent exchange with a Certified Diabetes Educator was the topic of this  post, “Certified Diabetes Educator Responds“.  You should read that post before reading this one. But in summary, the lady has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and…. She stated that she did sometimes take offense to my […]

Diabetes Educator Responds (II)

I’ve had many online ‘exchanges’ with medical industry professionals including doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators. I share posts like these to educate people on how to argue or win discussions with their medical industry professionals. Medical Industry professionals are not gods, they are all fallible. Medical Industry professionals are trained […]

Certified Diabetes Educator Responds

Before getting into the post let me say: First, Diabetes can be tricky, especially for Insulin Dependent Diabetics, even those who follow a Low Carb Primal Meal Plan.  Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that a low carb primal meal plan is THE best for all […]

Evidence of ADA Minion Advice

I am on the mailing list for the American Diabetes Association … why? For all the great information and helpful articles? …. BA HAHAHAHA! No…  I am on their mailing list BECAUSE of the old adage… Keep your friends close … and your enemies closer. :) By the way… I […]

Diabetes … Medicine Cabinet?

In this post I am doing something that I wanted to do for a long time. I am going to post detailed notes on the video debate between Dr. Bernstein and ADA Minion, “High Carb” Hope Worshaw. This is a follow up to my previous post, “Hope Warshaw” I have […]

ADA Minion Interview

Has any ADA Minion harmed as many people as Hope Warshaw???   I hope not. She’s an author, a diabetes educator and she does videos on youtube…. her record is there for all to see…. sadly. She issues terrible advice to diabetics that only accomplish two things…. 1) Keeps diabetics […]

Hope Warshaw… AADE speaker…haha!

JOSLIN DIABETES CENTER … is following me on TWITTER???? Below is their twitter logo ….   After being blocked from Joslin’s Facebook and Twitter accounts… I’m surprised they would ‘follow me’ on Twitter. Why was I blocked? In Summary… Joslin is an ADA Minion of the worst sort…..and I’ve written […]

Joslin Diabetes Center

This post will be discussing the “contributions”  BigPharma paid the American Diabetes Association…  $19 million in 2008. That’s the last year I can find the data.   New friends may not be aware of this… if not YOU SHOULD BE SHOCKED. this is unethical and immoral but 2012 was even worse, […]

$19 million paid to ADA by BigPharma?

Too often, 'we' take drugs so we can eat cakes, cookies, bread, grains, cereals and chips. Taking drugs so we can consume more poison... is not a wise idea. Yet, millions do it every day.

Diabetes Reader Comment

If you noticed the title of this post… “Diabetes Statistics I” , yes there will be others.  There are sooo many statistics to share… This posts highlights the failed nutritional policy of the American Diabetes Association and it’s proponents such as the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) which is […]

Diabetes Statistics I

When dentists push high carb diabetes diets, can things get any worse? I remember my childhood dentist. He was a strict no candy, no sweets adherent.  Things have changed for the worst. Dentist Insurance company promotes American Diabetes Ass.  high carb, grain based, diabetes diet. Dentists jump in to defend […]

Dentists Pushing High Carb… to Diabetics?

I have not had a “hard” ADA rant in some time. (ADA = American Diabetes Association)… but make no mistake, the ADA infuriates me EVERY DAY! I was critical of the ADA yesterday in this post, click here. I won’t restate it all here but please read it. What set […]

ARGH!!! ADA Rant

I want to make this clear… I do not seek out people or businesses to harass.  I only attempt to correct… “misunderstandings, untruths or deceptions” Often times in the course of “correcting” those issues mentioned above, the ADA Minion in question will attempt to lie or deceive further…resulting in a […]

ADA Minion Spotlight…. GrainHead

This blog post is my commentary regarding a video interview with Stuart Perry, former Chairman of the Board for the American Diabetes Association. Note: I am doing a month long nutritional test that is requiring me to “prick” my fingers much more often than normal to test my blood sugar…. […]

Vid: Top ADA Minion

My thoughts on this recent article in the New York Times, “Protecting Yourself From the Cost of Type 2 Diabetes” … “ONE in 10 Americans has diabetes, and if present trends continue, one in three will suffer from the disease by the year 2050, according to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Cost of Type 2 Diabetes

The picture below is the twitter page “bio” for THE  American Diabetes Association.  Just a quick comment before we move on to the “meat” of the post. (The ADA dislikes meat, they recommend only 5 oz per day. )  The ADA says, “… leading the fight to stop diabetes and […]

ADA, “What Diabetes Looks Like?”

On Twitter, you will see 100’s of  American Diabetes Association (ADA) Minion posts (called tweets) each day.  Many of these Twitter posts are blatant attempts to sell or market products or services to diabetics….and are easy to ignore.  Some of the more sophisticated ADA Minion will cloak their intentions in […]

Joslin… Harming Diabetics

The spotlight today shines on Liberty Medical and their diabetic recipes. It has earned them a place on the “Wall Of Shame”. Liberty Medical sells  these items on their website below… Glucose Meters PerfectPoint Lancet Insulin Supplies Insulin Pumps Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems I know I say this about every […]

ADA Minion Spotlight – Liberty Medical left side navbar
Background: I have ranted and railed against the American Diabetes Association (ADA) numerous times.   That was fun…and therapeutic but there was no “sport in it”… the ADA is an easy mark. The high carb diabetes diet they promote harms people….every day AND the ADA is paid by Monsanto, BigPharma […]

Wall of Shame