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The last time I tested my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar was while I was doing the Coconut Oil Fasting. (Posts are Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up). There were several lessons gleaned from that experiment but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson learned is…. remove carbohydrates and protein… and blood sugar will decrease.  That seems […]

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Testing [Video]

Back on April 17, 2011 … I began a Coconut Oil Fast (here are the related posts Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up ) Set the Stage As a  consequence of eating only Coconut Oil my blood sugar dropped steadily and I thought it had stabilized but I was wrong. My Overnight […]

Steve Juices? … no that’s Egg on my face.

The world …and all the people are divided into two groups…. Those that literally clean their plates and those that do not. Do YOU ALWAYS clean your plate? Growing up … I heard over and over about all those stories of “starving children in China” … it instilled in me […]

Clean your plate?

When you read this post … keep in mind that people pay for this “PATHETIC ADVICE!” … people buy her books based on this… luckily only a few poor saps read her blog posts. —- I wrote several posts about “High Carb” Hope Warshaw recently and I REALLY want to […]

I Tried to Ignore This …Pathetic Diabetes Advice

I urge you all to open your mind... and your dietary palate. Adding more variety to your menu is a great thing. Especially when the foods are more nutritious and lower carb paleo foods.

Beef Tongue is Diabetes Friendly

Pictorial view of my latest Primal Chili creation…. chili is so tasty and so versatile. It’s an awesomely awesome diabetes friendly food. :)   Here is the post with the full recipe. Here are two other Primal Chili Posts…. here and here. ** As always … click on the pictures […]

More Primal Chili

I am on the mailing list for the American Diabetes Association … why? For all the great information and helpful articles? …. BA HAHAHAHA! No…  I am on their mailing list BECAUSE of the old adage… Keep your friends close … and your enemies closer. :) By the way… I […]

Diabetes … Medicine Cabinet?

I have a post maintaining a summary of my Blood Sugar, Exercise and Commentary while attempting a seven day Coconut Oil Fast, you can view it here. “7 Day Fast“. That post is getting kind of long …and I am ONLY ON day 2.   I wanted to do a […]

Pics of Thriving with Diabetes

I am posting pictures of our trip this weekend for two reasons… 1) So you can see how beautiful Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC truly are. 2) So you can see… I live a normal life. Well… a normal life for a fit, non-diabetic. :) Activities My exercise??? a) Swimming […]

Wrightsville Beach, April ’11

I don’t know why but when it gets warm … I want to do burpees or specifically, ‘jump burpees” !!! My best time ever for 100 burpees is 8:25 … I am going to slowly work back into doing burpees and try to beat my previous record.  It will take […]

Rekindling Burpee Love

Hope Warshaw is an expert on promoting diabetes dogma. Probably no single person has done more to harm diabetics than Hope Warshaw.

Diabetes Dogma?

In this post I am doing something that I wanted to do for a long time. I am going to post detailed notes on the video debate between Dr. Bernstein and ADA Minion, “High Carb” Hope Worshaw. This is a follow up to my previous post, “Hope Warshaw” I have […]

ADA Minion Interview

Has any ADA Minion harmed as many people as Hope Warshaw???   I hope not. She’s an author, a diabetes educator and she does videos on youtube…. her record is there for all to see…. sadly. She issues terrible advice to diabetics that only accomplish two things…. 1) Keeps diabetics […]

Hope Warshaw… AADE speaker…haha!

  My friend John Hanson posted a video today and I found it very enlightening … so much so that I wanted to share it permanently in a blog post. In this video you can clearly see the affects of sugar on the blood stream.   Thanks to John for […]

[Video] Affects of Carbs on Blood

…. the rumors you may have heard are true …. YES, once upon a time … I too was intimidated by the word…Omelette’s! But alas … NO MAS! EVEN this can be blamed in part on “Conventional Wisdom”. Once you learn to eat natural saturated fats (NOT veggie oils and […]

Easy Primal Omelette’s

Beef Liver is diabetes friendly and nutrient dense. Beef liver does have carbs so when you eat it, only eat a few ounces and test your blood sugars.

Beef Liver: Nature’s Vitamin Pill