Crisis In Nutrition? Part 1


I expend a lot of “energy” talking and writing about the need for changing  our failed nutritional policy…. the low fat, high carb grain based  dogma has been a disaster… causing enormous pain and suffering.

In brief:  In the US we have a high carb, grain based nutritional policy that benefits Big Pharma, Big Food and the medical Industry.  The faulty nutritional advice is backed by nutritional studies bought and paid for by those same groups mentioned above.   Here are a few posts regarding nutritional studies  “Failed the Smell Test, Red Meat Kills Part 1 and Part 2.

Is Change Coming?

Every time a study or article is published supporting a low carb or paleo approach to nutrition …  I notice several things.

1) You see blogs or posts on social media sites proclaiming “the tide is turning!”  and “the end of Low Fat Dogma is near” … etc.

2) The excitement and celebratory comments reach a fever pitch… and then it subsides.

3) Several more studies will be “cranked out”  supported by Big Pharma, Big Food or the medical industry that completely support the low fat, high carb, grain based nutritional policy.

** Yes, there is small incremental change… but it’s too little and too slow.  Meanwhile, millions suffer every damn day.


What are the results of this slow change?

So called “disease advocate” groups like the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America…  are STILL pushing a high carb, grain based meal plan for those they supposedly support.

Until that changes…   

…  the disease advocate groups will continue to promote the very meal plan that causes the diseased harm AND millions will continue to suffer.

Is real change coming?  I don’t know, until and unless we can change how nutritional studies are bought and paid for… we can not be certain.

Did you know that Pepsico, Coke, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Hershey’s etc … are major corporate sponsors for the major nutritional organization?  Formerly known as American Dietetic Association… it’s now called the Academy of Dietetics and Nutritionists….  sounds almost academic… doesn’t it.  “Would this Shock You” and “Two ADAs” are two posts I wrote about this.


What to Do?

 In my opinion, significant change can not and will not take place until we remove the foundation of this failed nutritional policy which is, faulty nutritional studies.  Why are they ‘faulty’?

1) We must remove the financial incentives of those funding nutritional studies.   Do we really want Big Food companies like PepsiCo (Frito Lay) funding nutritional studies?

2) Do we really want researchers or scientists who have been on the “corporate dole” from Big Pharma and Big Food companies to continually produce nutritional studies … that benefit those funding the studies?

The Answer is NO… of course.


Grassroots Campaign

Dr. Richard Feinman has written an excellent post on this subject, “Confronting the Crisis In Nutrition“.  In this post he calls for everyone to take action, specifically these three steps, more details will be forthcoming.

What can you do?   (in my own words.)

  1. Contact your elected officials and request Congressional Hearings on Nutrition Policy. (support materials will be provided)
  2. Promote the need for a long term, unbiased study involving proponents of the major diets… from low fat to high fat.
  3. Create a panel or board of UNBIASED scientists who can objectively oversee grant awards and publications…. based on REAL SCIENCE … not ‘junk science’.
Additionally, Dr. Feinman asked me to spearhead efforts to organize and promote this campaign in conjunction with the Nutrition and Metabolism Society … and I accepted.  In the next post, I will be talking more about the steps we will take … and ask you to participate.
It is time we #OccupyNutrition