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I often call the American Diabetes Association (ADA) drug pushers.  So as not to single any ONE out  … I also apply that label to the American Association of Diabetes Educators … the national organization of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs).  CDEs are ADA Minion of the worst sort. They benefit […]

Diabetes Drug Pushing 101 & Example

This post is an update thru Day 11 of my 21 Day Challenge … it culminates on my 50th Birthday, June 9th. Here are my previous posts, “Intro” and this is my “The Plan“, “Day 7 Update“. To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to: a) Develop […]

Day 11 Update – Plan of Attack

…. the more things stay the same. This post will look at ‘breaking news’ from a diabetes study 14 years ago. When I began I was looking for a post I could ridicule and show how nothing has changed in 14 years.  Well, this  study certainly fills that ‘order’ and […]

The More Things Change….

As a newly diagnosed diabetic in 2009, below is a pictorial path I took to a low carb, low inflammation, paleo lifestyle... avoiding the diabetic minefield.

Diabetic Minefield

On May 19th another experiment as well as another challenge was undertaken. Here is an introduction post about the ‘why’ … “Primal Failures” and this is my “Plan of Attack“. To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to: a) Develop 6 pack abs in 21 days. b) […]

Day 7 Update – Plan of Attack

An article was published yesterday and I felt compelled to comment. The title of the post, “Evolutionary Conservation of Fat Metabolism Pathways“. The title was … intriguing. :) A collaborative effort by investigators at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently revealed just how similarly mammals and insects make critical […]

Fat Metabolism Pathways Study

Introduction Do YOU follow a low carb, primal or paleo style meal plan? If so, you know the positive affect it can have on your life. Fact: Everyone I know who has adhered to a paleo / primal lifestyle has reduced drugs…EVERYONE. Should you doubt me read these posts … […]

Taking a Stand… Do SOMETHING!

In my previous post I mentioned my unmet goals… click here for that post, “Primal Failures” … granted they are not significant in relation to my overall health and ‘thrivability‘ … however, a GOAL made is a goal that must be PLAYED! 21 Day Goals 1) Six Pack Abs 2) […]

Plan of Attack & Before Pics

First, let me say YES it is true… I have had two Primal Failures.  I like to brag or show successes…but I do have failures too. It is also TRUE that when looking at the goals that REALLY count … PRIMAL Delivered… BIG TIME! Those main goals are: 1) Improved […]

Primal Failures

This low carb paleo slaw is diabetes friendly. My favorite kind of foods!! Real food ingredients, avoid using store-bought mayonnaise, Tomatoes and cabbage have carbs, so use this as a side dish.

Low Carb Paleo Slaw

A recent exchange with a Certified Diabetes Educator was the topic of this  post, “Certified Diabetes Educator Responds“.  You should read that post before reading this one. But in summary, the lady has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and…. She stated that she did sometimes take offense to my […]

Diabetes Educator Responds (II)

Set Up This is my mom’s chicken stew recipe … kind of. By simply substituting Coconut Flour (for Wheat Flour) and Heavy Cream (for milk) … I was able to turn a long time FAMILY favorite into a tasty primal dish. I have fond memories of Fall Chicken Stews ….. […]

Mom’s Chicken Stew is now primal. :)

1. This dish is SO EASY … if you add enough fat… real BUTTER, Animal Fats, Palm Oil or Coconut Oil. 2) The dish is easy but it’s not a slam dunk (it’s not automatic).  If you do not add enough fat … the eggs will likely stick. Good NEWS! […]

Beef & Spinach Burrito … uh huh!

I’ve had many online ‘exchanges’ with medical industry professionals including doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators. I share posts like these to educate people on how to argue or win discussions with their medical industry professionals. Medical Industry professionals are not gods, they are all fallible. Medical Industry professionals are trained […]

Certified Diabetes Educator Responds

This post will be discussing an article I read regarding Fasting and Diabetes Drugs. Research: Not natural ways to reduce blood sugars but in potential drug sales New Class of Diabetes Drugs   I really wanted to do a positive post, I haven’t done many lately.  I am so fortunate […]

Fasting and Diabetes Drugs?

Before getting into the post let me say: First, Diabetes can be tricky, especially for Insulin Dependent Diabetics, even those who follow a Low Carb Primal Meal Plan.  Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that a low carb primal meal plan is THE best for all […]

Evidence of ADA Minion Advice

Things were a little hectic last week… and a milestone was reached without acknowledgement. … my blog was ‘birthed’ May 5, 2010.  Here was my first post… a ‘recipe’ for “Meat Muffins” … seems appropriate some how. :) If you check the archives there are older posts that go back […]

Diabetes Warrior Turned 1 Last Week

This post discusses my favorite INEXPENSIVE steak, introducing the… “FLAT IRON STEAK“!!! As you can see from the picture to the right… I purchased these for $4.05 per lb. I bought 4 packages… all about a pound each.  A pound of very good steak … for less than a double […]

Flat Iron Steak & Asparagus