A recent exchange with a Certified Diabetes Educator was the topic of this  post, “Certified Diabetes Educator Responds“.  You should read that post before reading this one. But in summary, the lady has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and…. She stated that she did sometimes take offense to my […]

Diabetes Educator Responds (II)

I’ve had many online ‘exchanges’ with medical industry professionals including doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators. I share posts like these to educate people on how to argue or win discussions with their medical industry professionals. Medical Industry professionals are not gods, they are all fallible. Medical Industry professionals are trained […]

Certified Diabetes Educator Responds

This post will be discussing an article I read regarding Fasting and Diabetes Drugs. Research: Not natural ways to reduce blood sugars but in potential drug sales New Class of Diabetes Drugs   I really wanted to do a positive post, I haven’t done many lately.  I am so fortunate […]

Fasting and Diabetes Drugs?

Things were a little hectic last week… and a milestone was reached without acknowledgement. … my blog was ‘birthed’ May 5, 2010.  Here was my first post… a ‘recipe’ for “Meat Muffins” … seems appropriate some how. :) If you check the archives there are older posts that go back […]

Diabetes Warrior Turned 1 Last Week

The headline is NOT new news…. anyone who KNOWS anything about Type 2 Diabetes knows this.       THERE is a LINK between high carb meal plans and Type 2 Diabetes! Sure genetics play a role.. but make no mistake… eating a grain loaded,  high carb meal plan is […]

Link between Carbs and Type 2 Diabetes

This post is an update on my progress in the 30 Day Challenge including as you can see… FOOD PICS! Don’t know what the 30 Day Challenge is ? Read this link by Clicking Here.   Strategy: I’ve always been a glutton… it’s just that now I eat ‘good primal foods’. […]

30 Day Challenge – Update – Days 1-3

I want to thank three people for assisting with this recipe. Lily Pink for making me realize how valuable guacamole can be to a low carb meal plan (and for the NAME of this recipe). I’d been experimenting with Avocados and Guacamole for some time.  I started thinking how avocado […]

Stuffed Guacamole Supreme!

This post is about Mark Gaw’s ‘story’.  The facts of his story are just that… FACTS! However, we have a little fun in this post as well and thanks to Mark for going along. :) Obviously the main focus of my blog is convincing Diabetics to pursue a low carb […]

Mark Gaw’s Story

My Trip to South Mountain State Park in North Carolina. * Note:  Pictures of our trip are below… following a brief discussion. :) Why did I title this post as such?  Why not call it a “Trip to the Mountains”? … to make a point. I went to the mountains […]

Diabetes Trip to the Mountains

To be fully primal or fully paleo … you must learn to do things “the right way“.   As only we who are “fully” primal or paleo truly know … there is only one way to eat and only one way to live. Deviating from this  narrow paleolithic path leads […]

Paleo Way to eat Chicken Wings

* Note:  You can click on any picture for a full sized view… I encourage that. :) … usually my most favorite primal meal … is the one I’m eating or have eaten last. Having said that, here is my NEWEST Favorite Primal Meal!!! Ingredients: Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs […]

Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs

I was reminded of my food journal “reports” which include Protein, Fat and Carb ratios yesterday. I had not posted this in some time…. so here’s an update.  (Thanks to Donna D’Souza) The report includes August and all but the last two days of September…so for practical purposes, this is […]

Diabetic Meal Plan, Food Journal

January 1999 I began to feel flu like sick and lost 70 pounds in 10 days.  While the weight loss was great, or so I thought, I still decided to go see my doctor.  I  found out that like millions of people around the world, I had turned into Type […]

Sandy Abernathy’s “Back to Basics” Story

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic when I was 25 years old. I was taking three (3) types of insulins Novolog , Lantus and Symlin. I was also taking two drugs just for diabetes Avandia and Glucophage. I was sent to Diabetes classes at the local hospital & I […]

Ruth Hintz’s Story

When I first saw the word “corpulence” … I had to look it up. It’s meaning?  According to The condition of being excessively fat; obesity. Indeed I once suffered from corpulence…  here is a picture from last year showing my 40″ Levi’s ….the picture was taken in July 26, […]

Fighting Corpulence….then and now.

Diabetic Shot 9
I placed the date in the title for a reason…. I do not have high hopes for a change in the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE). In case I am right, I want to be able to use the same title next year… :( Why am I so negative about […]

Summary of Diabetes Educator Rants

I want to thank Chancey Bruce for taking the time to write up his story. His story is typical of most diabetics and provides clues as to why the ADA Food Pyramid is destined to fail for not only most diabetics…but for most people. I communicate with many diabetics and […]

Chancey Bruce’s Journey