Diabetes Eve

Ten years ago I was an obese, miserable, chronically sick … Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry Cash Cow.

Today … I am in great health, normal weight, normal blood pressure and I am successfully managing my diabetes!

TODAY I THRIVE!!! … and not just survive.

Clown Diabetes Educators (CDE)

I joke about clown diabetes educators (CDEs) all the time. I mock, ridicule as well as aggravate them routinely.

HOWEVER, just know that their buffoonery while worthy of ridicule and mocking … has a VERY serious consequence.

Irresponsible Diabetes Leadership


Instead they harm millions with it’s policies and the horrible examples they set. Deb Greenwood is just another example of the irresponsible diabetes leadership that has been plaguing the diabetes culture for decades.

Diabetic Food Journals

In summing up my diabetic food journals thus far… I have been eating ‘this way’ since 2009. I am in the best fitness of my adult life, I have normal weight, normal blood pressure and normal blood sugars.

statins, diabetes care?

ADA Updates Diabetes Care

As the ADA receives more and more money from Big Food and Big Pharma… they must recommend more and more policies to repay their corporate masters.

The cholesterol policy change is more evidence of just that.

Christmas Weekend In Wilmington

This post is largely a pictorial of this past Christmas weekend spent at Wrightsville Beach, NC … just outside of Wilmington. Pictures of sunrises, blood sugars and beach… and thanks to my father for the trip! :)

I will give two short story summaries. Conversations I had with a few people that I tried to help.

Fiber and Diabetes

I do believe that my gut is healthy… why? I am healthy. I maintain normal blood sugars and I am rarely sick.


1) I could be wrong, I know… shocking isn’t it. :)

2) Even if my gut is healthy, that doesn’t mean it could not be improved upon.