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The last time I tested my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar was while I was doing the Coconut Oil Fasting. (Posts are Summary, Day 2, Wrap Up). There were several lessons gleaned from that experiment but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson learned is…. remove carbohydrates and protein… and blood sugar will decrease.  That seems […]

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Testing [Video]

When you read this post … keep in mind that people pay for this “PATHETIC ADVICE!” … people buy her books based on this… luckily only a few poor saps read her blog posts. —- I wrote several posts about “High Carb” Hope Warshaw recently and I REALLY want to […]

I Tried to Ignore This …Pathetic Diabetes Advice

I am on the mailing list for the American Diabetes Association … why? For all the great information and helpful articles? …. BA HAHAHAHA! No…  I am on their mailing list BECAUSE of the old adage… Keep your friends close … and your enemies closer. :) By the way… I […]

Diabetes … Medicine Cabinet?

  My friend John Hanson posted a video today and I found it very enlightening … so much so that I wanted to share it permanently in a blog post. In this video you can clearly see the affects of sugar on the blood stream.   Thanks to John for […]

[Video] Affects of Carbs on Blood

…. the rumors you may have heard are true …. YES, once upon a time … I too was intimidated by the word…Omelette’s! But alas … NO MAS! EVEN this can be blamed in part on “Conventional Wisdom”. Once you learn to eat natural saturated fats (NOT veggie oils and […]

Easy Primal Omelette’s

This post is a follow up to “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe“. You may want to read it quickly before reading this post if you have not done so. I am diabetic, therefore my toes are ‘diabetic toes’ … however since I successfully treat my diabetes […]

Diabetic Toe … Part II

Over 2/3’s of the way home now… entered the HOME STRETCH! This post will include … Foods Pics and Exercise Updates. :) ** If you are new to my blog… keep this in mind. I am a 49.8 year old, formerly obese diabetic. I now have normal blood sugar and […]

Day 22 of 30 Day Challenge

If you read the posts of many folks on Facebook / Twitter etc… you can’t help but hear … over and over that many are sick with respiratory issues.  Not just once… but routinely.  I can relate… ‘been there done that‘. As I have explained several times, reducing inflammation allows […]

Yes it’s true, I bought drugs today …

I said this low carb, paleo bacon bites recipe, is perfect for anyone's diabetic diet and could be a solid foundation to anyone's meal plan. This recipe and it's companion "Bacon Cups" are perfect for our low carb paleo 'way of eating'.

Bacon Bites

A type 1 diabetic shares her experiences with us …  she’s primal and she’s pregnant. :) It is a very compelling story…   Background: She has been a type 1 Diabetic for virtually her entire life, since the age of 18 months.  Type 1 Diabetics have very limited or no insulin […]

Primal Pregnancy and Diabetes

I know some of you struggle with finding truly diabetic friendly, low carb, primal foods… that’s why I post these recipes. Trust me… it’s really easy to create your own.  Just rule out all the things that you can NOT eat… and have fun, play….. be creative with the rest […]

Bacon, Egg and Tomato Sandwich

The headline is NOT new news…. anyone who KNOWS anything about Type 2 Diabetes knows this.       THERE is a LINK between high carb meal plans and Type 2 Diabetes! Sure genetics play a role.. but make no mistake… eating a grain loaded,  high carb meal plan is […]

Link between Carbs and Type 2 Diabetes

Here’s a picture to keep you interested… I hope.   If you like this recipe, you may also like “Bacon Bites” or “Meat Muffins“. Ingredients: – Bacon – I used Thick Cut Peppered Bacon and I used 12 pieces for 12 ‘muffin slots’ … not sure what you call them. […]

Bacon Cups

This post is an update on my progress in the 30 Day Challenge including as you can see… FOOD PICS! Don’t know what the 30 Day Challenge is ? Read this link by Clicking Here.   Strategy: I’ve always been a glutton… it’s just that now I eat ‘good primal foods’. […]

30 Day Challenge – Update – Days 1-3

I want to thank three people for assisting with this recipe. Lily Pink for making me realize how valuable guacamole can be to a low carb meal plan (and for the NAME of this recipe). I’d been experimenting with Avocados and Guacamole for some time.  I started thinking how avocado […]

Stuffed Guacamole Supreme!

This week marks the two year anniversary of my Diabetes Diagnosis and my decision to do every thing I could to fight the disease.  I am often asked ‘why did you decide to fight it’? … why did I decide to become a Diabetes Warrior?  Why not be an ADA […]

Why I fight diabetes – Two Year Anniversary

I made a dinner the other night revolving around ‘yardbirds’ and it was so TASTY I just wanted to share with you the pictures and the “how to’s”. :) Individual Dishes Any ONE of these is worthy on an entire meal…. but together… it was scrumptious! 1) Primal Chicken Wings […]

Chicken Fest 2011

Carnitas are so ‘me’ ….. I love cooking simple but flavorful meals AND Carnitas are BOTH.   And… once the pork roast is slow cooked…it’s quick too! I want to thank my friend Lily Pink for suggesting these. As she mentioned… the basic recipe works great for many different meats. […]

Carnitas…simple and EASY!